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Red Velvet’s Yeri responds to Soong’s accusation that she’s impersonating BLACKPINK’s Jennie

August 8, 2022

Controversial YouTube channel Sojang has made another malicious claim about Red Velvet member Yeri. The site claimed the K-pop idol has Jennie’s disease or is impersonating BLACKPINK’s Jennie by copying her outfits and makeup.

In one clip, Soong accuses Yeri of styling herself dramatically like Jennie and even pokes fun at her, saying it doesn’t suit her. But Red Velvet doesn’t let that sit and hits back by posting an answer.

In a post on Bubble, a fan communication platform used by the artists at SM Entertainment (via AllKpop), the singer-actress responded to Soyong’s post and said that she would live as she pleases. She added that she honestly feels bad for people making accusations against other artists.

She added that the only way they could make a living was putting others down. For others who are not like these people, Yeri said they should focus on their own lives and live each day with love and happiness.

Netizens also responded to Soyong’s post, asking if there was anyone who could shut down the controversial YouTube channel. They also asked SM to sue the medium for everything it said against Yeri.

Another spoke up and asked how many companies would have to sue this channel before it finally disappeared. Others accused YouTube of being garbage and allowing anyone to post anything as long as it gets views.

Kpop Starz noted that it’s not the first time a K-pop idol has sued Soyong for his malicious content. In December 2021, BTS’ V warned the YouTube channel not to sue him after making nasty allegations about his personal life and trying to defame him.

In a post on WeVerse, the male idol said he’ll be filing the lawsuit and it’ll cost whoever’s behind the channel his snack fund because he’s messed with his family and friends. He added that he also wants to advance the lawsuit on behalf of other K-pop artists that Sojang has maliciously accused.

He further said that he only looked at the situation superficially and learned that not only she but also many other artists hate the YouTube channel in question. Although he didn’t have the opportunity to monitor all fans and ARMYs, he promised to sue Soong on behalf of everyone who got hurt and didn’t have the courage to do so.

Despite the complaints and warnings, Soong remains active on YouTube. In fact, he keeps posting false accusations against artists and the latest victim is Red Velvet’s Yeri.