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Red Velvet Seungri worried fans with a social media post on Jeju Island

June 27, 2022

Red Velvet is one of the K-pop groups rumored to be making a comeback this year. Ahead of the alleged return, Seulgi has been keeping her followers updated on her recent activities, but one particular post worried fans.

Seulgi updated her fans on Bubble about her weekend trip to Jeju Island. While she shared several lovely snaps showing she was having a good time, one photo showed a dog chewing up her clothes.

As expected, the picture quickly alarmed fans, but the 28-year-old explained that she was fine. She said she was just playing with the puppy and her shirt was fine too, like that AllKpop.

The dog belonged to the café she was in; the owner quickly came to her aid to stop the dog. Fans were relieved after she revealed what really happened. Some said that the pet seemed to want to play with her more and thought her shirt was just a tug-of-war toy.

Others explained that she would not send such a picture if she was in a dangerous situation and that she only posted it because she probably found it funny. One fan even noticed that she wears this shirt a lot and now it seems to be a mess.

Meanwhile, a tough comeback competition is expected this August, which will also include Red Velvet. But in addition to the five-strong group, other K-pop giants are also part of the party.

Girls’ Generation has already confirmed their return this month. However, others have yet to confirm their comebacks, such as TWICE and BLACKPINK, which some sources say could return in late August or early September.

STAYC, G-Dragon and NCT 127 could also celebrate their comeback. That means August could turn into chaos for the K-pop world if that happens.

Of course, many are already excited because the second and third generation top girl groups will be making a comeback at the same time. It could also be the new golden era of K-pop.

Also, Red Velvet will join Filipino artists such as BGYI, BINI, Aeron Mendoza and Lady Pipay at SM Mall of Asia Arena, Philippines for a special concert to promote mental health awareness for people with special needs.

The event was initiated by In Purpose International Training Institute Inc. and will be led by Alex Magbanua, reports the Manila standard. Entitled Dubbed Be You! The World Will Adjust (An Extraordinary Celebration for People with Special Needs) will take place on Friday 22 July at 7pm.