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Read One Piece Chapter 1017: Release Date and Spoilers

June 11, 2021

The One Piece manga will take a new hiatus after the premiere of the last chapter. We will read more about the battle updates here. Since Luffy was defeated, Kaido continues to pursue Momonosuke, who was protected by Yamato. momonosuke texted the Straw Hat member to tell him that Luffy had sworn to defeat Kaido. Thus, the confrontation between a father and his daughter is about to begin. Yamato’s dream is about to come true as his wish was to face Kaido with the help of Luffy.

Previously, Nami’s super attack, called “Clima-Tact”, transforms into Zeus. Captain Kid continues to collide with Big Mom. Captain Kid remembers when he makes a temporary alliance during the battle and discovers that the pacifist is going to fight him. Meanwhile, Law realizes that traveling around Luffy for so many years has led him to believe that Luffy will defeat Kaido. Yamato yells out Kaido’s name. Kaido is furious and tells Yamato to address him as a father. Yamato says that she is here to destroy the chains that bind her to Kaido.

Big Mom and Captain Kid continue to exchange blows. Meanwhile, Sanji faces Queen in a fierce fight. Queen almost crushed Chopper. Eventually, Chopper helps Zoro recover using his medical skills. During the day, Yamato worries about Luffy’s absence and must continue to fight and protect Momonosuke until Luffy shows up for a rematch. The next chapter of the One Piece manga is titled “Here Tama”. We invite you to learn more about the One Piece updates below.

One Piece Chapter 1016 Highlights

The chapter begins with the CPo revealing the side changes between Pleasures and Servants. They also show that Kaido has 20,000 members who fight 7,000 warriors from the samurai team. Meanwhile, Nami and Ulti were involved in a fierce battle. During the fight, Ulti survives an attack from Nami, but Zeus interferes and directs the blow to hit Ulti. After that, Zeus controls all of Nami’s attacks that Ulti is not in, and they continue to chase Ulti. Finally, Zeus helps Nami crush Ulti.

Ulti has tried everything to win the battle, but fails when Nami and Zeus team up and defeat Ulti. Usopp manages to catch Bao Huang, who announces that Kaido has defeated Luffy. Usopp uses Midori Boshi: Devil Green Star: Devil to overpower Bao Huang. He orders Tama to send the message across the island for the Marias. Bao Huang’s face is not revealed after Usopp captures him.

The samurai are in awe of the Straw Hat member turning the tides in their favor. Zeus asks Nami to give him a name that he likes. Nami reveals that Zeus’ new name is “Wata”, which means cotton, but Zeus thinks it is strange and says he would use his old name, Zeus. Tama talks about the battle with the entire island and reveals how the Straw Hats are gaining ground, and the fight is still 50/50 despite Kaido’s men outnumbering the samurai crew. The reasons why Kaido came to Wanokuni will be revealed soon.

Meanwhile, the battle between a father and his daughter continues with Kaido asking Yomato to call him father. During the war, Yamato realizes that he cannot defeat Kaido, but will fight until the Straw Hat Captain returns. Finally, Kaido and Yamato are on top of the roof exchanging powerful words and blows. Kaido transforms into his monstrous form as he climbs onto the roof and uses his hybrid form. Yamato tells Kaido that when they have achieved victory, she will go to sea with Luffy.

But before that, they will make sure that Kaido is expelled from Wanokuni. Kaido is furious and tells Yamato that he will not hold back and that it will be as if he is fighting a version of himself. Yamato tells Kaido that Luffy is on his way and that he will survive until Luffy returns. The chapter ends with two Haki clashes between Kaido and Yamato. Here’s more info: It looks like Zeus will become a new member of the Straw Hat after helping Nami defeat Ulti. Take a look at the timeline below and see more updates.

One Piece chapter 1017 release date

The release date of One Piece Chapter 1017 is set for June 27, 2020. Spoilers for the next Chapter 1017 will be available next week; make sure you don’t miss them. Note that the one piece manga will take a weekly hiatus after the premiere of Chapter 1017.