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Raven Sutton: Where is The Circle season 5 runner-up now?

January 19, 2023

Although the Netflix series The Circle features an incredibly diverse cast with their own unique traits in each episode, Raven Sutton definitely stands out the most in Season 5. After all, she’s a deaf but vibrant creative artist, disability advocate and interpreter who actually managed to secure third place – second place – with the strategic help of no one but herself. So if you want to know more about her participation in of this original production, their current position and their hopes for the near future, we have the most important details for you.

Raven Sutton’s The Circle Journey

If there’s only one word that can be used to describe Raven, it has to be inspirational because she has actually used her situation as a third generation deaf to raise awareness for her community. I’m #DeafAsF**k and I’m proud of it, she said in her introduction (through interpreter Paris McTizic), before admitting: American Sign Language is my first language. And yes, I can use my voice, but I’m more comfortable using signs. Then the Southern belle added, People always look down on the deaf, but the truth is, the deaf can do anything but hear. When people say, ‘Deaf people can’t dance’, I say to them, ‘Watch me!’

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Apparently, Raven’s ultimate goal on this show wasn’t to win the $100,000 prize pool (although that would have been nice), but to represent her community under normal circumstances. She obviously succeeded in that, as we could see her interacting with strangers and gradually forming connections, subtly showing that she is no different from the rest of the hearing world. Whether it’s her friendships with Chaz and Sam or her flirtation with Marvin, it all flowed so seamlessly that there were moments when we almost didn’t remember that she’s deaf.

I came here because I wanted to see more deaf people on TV, but not in the context of deafness, right? Raven explained in the final episode. I just wanted to be a normal character, a normal player doing normal things, and I happen to be deaf. You don’t see many people with disabilities on TV, so I wanted to represent my community. In this context, it is important to mention that Raven became an influencer several times during the course of the show due to her own skills and appearance; it had absolutely nothing to do with her disability. Reaching the finals before finishing third was no different.

Where is Raven Sutton now?

Although originally from Alabama, Raven is currently living a happy, healthy life in Maryland as a social worker, content creator, performer, and disability advocate/counselor/interpreter. The Gallaudet University graduate and passionate dancer reportedly started her career as a consultant, dance teacher and teaching assistant, but she’s since grown into much more. In fact, the 27-year-old is primarily proud to serve as a Senior Survivor Resource Specialist with Deaf DAWN (The Deaf Abused Women’s Network) in the Washington DC-Baltimore area.

As if that wasn’t enough, Raven recently became one of the first to make ASL covers of songs to make music more accessible to her community — her rendition of Cardi B’s WAP even went viral in 2021. She also reportedly hopes to one day open a studio as a dance therapist — a practice where people, especially at-risk youth, can use exercise to let off steam, problems and emotions. She’s also determined to raise awareness for her community as much as possible, which may soon be through another television appearance.