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Queen Elizabeth II is said to have acted in a straight line towards former US President Barack Obama

March 7, 2022

Remember when former US President Barack Obama was in the UK for his first state visit in May 2011? Queen Elizabeth II is said to have shown her uncomplicated attitude towards her supposed favorite world leader.

But don’t misunderstand Your Majesty. It was getting late and Queen Elizabeth wanted to rest, so she asked former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne to tell Barack Obama it was time for bed.

During the three-day state visit, the US President also met newly married couple Prince William and Kate Middleton. He and former first lady Michelle Obama were also guests of honor at a state banquet at Buckingham Palace.

But in the book Queen of Our Times: The Life of Elizabeth II, royal author Robert Hardman revealed the monarch had to put the celebration on hold as the 44th US president seemed to be enjoying himself too much. She wanted to end the event discreetly because she was tired and wanted to go to sleep, according to the Express.

However, Osborne had no idea how to ask the most powerful men in the world to leave. Luckily, Queen Elizabeth’s private secretary came to his aid and gently pushed the event to a close.

According to Hardman, when the official portion of the banquet was over, Barack Obama called his two closest aides, including senior speechwriter Ben Rhodes. The evening wasn’t over for her, however.

They had a modest after-party in the Belgian Suite, where Queen Elizabeth was accommodating her guests of state. Although she wanted to end the evening, Barack Obama made a strong impression on Her Majesty, according to British Heritage.

She enjoyed his company so much that she even asked him to keep coming to Britain even though he was no longer President. Royal author Tom Quinn added that the two heads of state got along so well that he was able to influence their opinion of the US as a whole.

Quinn revealed the Queen had a soft spot for Americans after meeting Barack Obama. She is said to have fallen completely in love with him.

She is said to have frequently asked her courtiers to arrange his visit to Britain, even though he was no longer a head of state. So in his more than eight years in the White House, Michelle and Barack Obama visited the UK three times. But if Queen Elizabeth had her way, it could have been more given their close relationship.