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Queen Elizabeth II is also unable to attend Prince Philip’s funeral service for health reasons

March 14, 2022

Two key members of the royal family could miss Prince Philip’s funeral service on March 29 at Westminster Abbey. Following Prince Harry’s announcement that he would not be attending the event, a royal correspondent revealed that Queen Elizabeth II could also be absent due to health conditions.

In an interview with GB News, The Sun writer Charles Rae hinted at Queen Elizabeth’s absence from the event. He said via Express that the monarch had canceled the Commonwealth service for Monday.

He went on to say that the royal advisers believed that the journey from Windsor to Westminster Abbey would make Her Majesty uncomfortable. She also has to attend the service, which could drain her energy.

Due to her absence, Rae continued, the Commonwealth leader was very sad to miss this appointment as she knew it was one of the highlights of her calendar. However, she will still send a message to the public and follow the service on television.

She may also not attend the funeral service for her late husband Prince Philip, which is as far away as the Commonwealth and similar church services. Let’s hope she makes it, but she needs to take care of herself, Rae concludes.

The Mail on Sunday added that Queen Elizabeth had already ruled out attending the service in a wheelchair. She also claimed that she hasn’t been able to walk her corgis for the past six months, proving she’s not doing well enough.

The Queen has been known to transform into her beloved dogs in times of crisis and stress. In fact, she performed them almost every day after Prince Philip fell ill and died last year at the age of 99.

The news comes after Prince Harry’s rep confirmed to NBC News via Today that he will not be returning to the UK to attend the memorial service honoring his late grandfather.

Meghan Markle’s husband attended Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021. However, compared to past royal funerals, the event was limited to just 30 guests due to safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite his absence from the funeral service, Prince Harry still hopes to return home as soon as possible to visit his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. However, his decision not to attend the memorial service came after he expressed concern at the lack of safety for his family when visiting the UK.