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Queen Elizabeth II Health Issues: Age is now taking its toll on Her Majesty

March 16, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II may reduce her workload and not attend as many appointments as before. Reportedly, her age is now taking its toll and she is not able to work as much as she would like.

After testing positive for COVID-19, Queen Elizabeth began doing light duties. Now she has also retired from the annual Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey, known as a major royal event. And how is the monarch?

According to the Express, Her Majesty told military officers who inquired about her condition that she was unable to move. She’s known for being open about her health, so there’s no denying how she really feels.

With the Queen turning 96 in April, her frailty is understandable. Still, her absence from Commonwealth Day is being seen as setting a precedent for other major royal events to come.

Hello! Royal editor Emily Nash claimed it was remarkable that despite her age, Queen Elizabeth was committed and committed to her duties. However, she has to admit that she is not as mobile as she used to be.

As she ages, it is inevitable that she will not be able to perform some of the physical demands of her job the way she would like. So it’s only logical that from now on her assistants will put her wellbeing first when creating her schedule.

The Daily Mail learned from royal circles that the Commonwealth chief’s schedule is now being revised. They will start sharing some of her dates with other royals and it will primarily involve the hour-long public appearances that require her to stand for a long period of time.

This event will most likely be broadcast to either Prince Charles or Prince William. Nevertheless, Queen Elizabeth is still as attentive, capable and interested as ever.

Only their physical strength gradually diminishes. Queen Elizabeth herself and senior royal advisers understand that weaknesses that come with longevity are holding her back now.

TV channel Geo TV reported that while she will be making fewer public appearances, she will still attend public events when she can. It looks like Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince William will now be in charge. It’s easy to imagine them continuing in this fashion, but I wouldn’t rule out Her Majesty making smaller or one-off investments, an insider said.