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Queen Elizabeth II dispels health scares with a sweet smile

March 25, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II dismisses all negative news about her health with a sweet smile, even as she wields a cane. Rumor has it that Her Majesty is now having mobility issues and can barely move.

Queen Elizabeth was spotted with a big grin as she toured the home’s handcrafted artifacts. Despite the health issues plaguing the 95-year-old monarch, she still appears to be in good spirits.

Loud express The said event was the Queen’s first official face-to-face meeting in more than seven weeks since her Platinum Jubilee Reception at Sandringham Palace. She recently contracted COVID-19 and thankfully is now on the mend.

However, Buckingham Palace’s recent statement about the memorial service for Prince Philip has got the public talking. The announcement raises fears about the health of the Commonwealth chief.

While it has been confirmed that the service will be held at Westminster Abbey, almost a year after Prince Philip’s death on April 9, there has been no mention of whether Queen Elizabeth will attend.

It only called members of the royal family without mentioning the Queen’s name. Queen Elizabeth has not made an appearance lately.

She has missed out on some of the biggest events on the royal calendar. For the first time in a decade, she did not attend the Commonwealth Day celebration.

Royal observers say the ruler appears to be struggling with mobility and may soon need a wheelchair. However, veteran reporter and author Phil Dampier told the British Telegraph (via 7news) that, despite her fall, she will try very hard to attend the memorial service for her late husband.

The people behind the event need to be a little considerate of her as she is almost 96 years old. Alternatively, British actor Christopher Biggins told GB News that Queen Elizabeth is already confined to a wheelchair, which is said to be the reason she is canceling some appearances at major events.

She doesn’t want to be seen, she’s very proud, he added. I hope she is able to celebrate her anniversary celebrations.

In order for Queen Elizabeth to be able to attend the memorial service comfortably, there are suggestions that she could take a helicopter instead of traveling by car.

She could also arrive before all the other guests and be seated before everyone else. If not, Queen Elizabeth can be screened off with screens or screens so that no one can see her mobility problems.