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Psy’s Summer Swag concert faces criticism over the theme amid drought in South Korea

June 6, 2022

Psy announced its summer concert, Summer Swag, this month. But with the show’s theme of squirting concert-goers with 300 tons of water per show, the That That hitmaker is now facing criticism amid South Korea’s ongoing drought.

After three years, Summer Swag is finally happening. The summer concert leaves fans soaking wet after the show, as Psy usually splashes water on people while playing celebratory playlists and performing.

Of course, fans are excited about the news, but the announcement is loud AllKpop also to criticism. The reason could be the 44-year-old artist’s revelation on MBC’s Radio star May 4, in which he said he buys potable water to splash people with at his concerts.

His concerts use 300 tons of drinking water per show, delivered by water trucks. With the current drought in South Korea, some are suggesting he’ll come up with something different to celebrate his concert this year, rather than continuing the usual theme.

The Summer Swag Show is Psy’s representative brand concert that started in 2011, so KpopStarz. It is one of the most famous shows in the country during the summer season.

It’s now ten years since Gangnam Style became a global phenomenon. Now the hitmaker behind the song is living his best life.

He is proud of his greatest trophy and feels no pressure from it despite the need to surpass his own success.

Gangnam Style was uploaded to YouTube in July 2012 and became an instant hit. His trademark dance spawned thousands of impersonations, spoofs, and spinoffs.

It was the first video on YouTube to reach 1 billion views, and Psy herself received worldwide acclaim. In fact, the song’s popularity has taken him everywhere, from sharing the stage with Madonna to performing in front of former US President Barack Obama.

However, the song’s success is said to be like a double-edged sword as it comes with the pressure to deliver another hit. In fact, Psy said it was one of the most difficult periods of his life.

In his interview with AFP (via France24), however, he said it had been a decade and he felt free now, although he admitted he was very dependent on it. The song not only changed his career but also the music industry.

He proved that even an artist who does not perform in English can attract the attention of an international audience. He also changed the way music charts worked by getting Billboard to account for YouTube views and streams.

Psy’s Summer Swag ticket sales begin June 18th at 8pm KST on Interpark Tickets.