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Prince William hints he’s undecided about baby #4

January 21, 2022

Kate Middleton showed her love for children when she visited rural Lancashire with her husband, Prince William, on Thursday January 20. With many teasing the couple for a baby number 4, the Duchess of Cambridge believes the future king doesn’t want another child.

The couple inquired about the health of staff at Clitheroe Community Hospital as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Prince William and Kate met Trudi, Alastair Barrie and their daughter Anastasia, who was being held by the husband-to-be.

As they posed for a photo, onlookers began making fun of the Duchess, reports People. This prompted the second in line to the throne to joke and say: Don’t give my wife any more ideas.

Prince William then told his wife not to take the child with her if she was going to give it back to her parents. Kate is known to like children.

On a visit to Northern Ireland in 2019, the 40-year-old royal admitted she was feeling brooding after meeting a five-month-old baby. The child’s father asked if there would be baby number 4, to which she said Prince William was a bit concerned.

On another visit to Bradford in 2020, a royal fan told Kate he sent her congratulations cards after the birth of each of her three children. She then confirmed that Prince William didn’t want any more children.

Kate and Prince William already have three children, Prince George (8), Princess Charlotte (6) and Prince Louis (3). After the birth of her youngest child, she spoke openly about her husband’s indecisiveness about having more children.

Kate Speaks Out, According to E! News also candid about the challenges of parenting. At an event with charity Family Action in 2019, she said all parents go through the same struggle.

She went on to say that parents would usually get a lot of support during the baby years, especially up through the first year. After that there are only a few books left to read about it.

Alternatively, Prince William gave an insight into family dynamics at home, including the children’s struggles. He revealed that his children inherited the family’s love of music and that his two eldest children fought over it.

Every morning there was a big argument between Prince George and Princess Charlotte over which song they should play. So he created a schedule to determine who got to play whatever music they wanted on any given day.