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Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship is said to be hurt by the release of Season 5 of The Crown: here’s why

November 4, 2022

The upcoming season 5 of The Crown is already on everyone’s lips as it follows the aftermath of King Charles III’s marriage. and Princess Diana depicts. A royal expert now thinks this story could affect Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship, whether it could pull them further apart or bring them back together.

Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti claims that The Crown Season 5 will only reignite people’s interest in Prince William and Prince Harry’s childhoods. However, it remains to be seen how it will affect their relationship, although he’s sure it will take its toll.

The show will explore the events that befell the royal family in the 1990s, including the annus horribilis, Queen Elizabeth II’s horrific year. It will also explore the aftermath of three royal marriages, including the divorce of then-Prince Charles and Princess Diana and the fire at Windsor Castle.

Sacerdoti told the Express that it will be about the lives of the two princes and the things that have influenced them. It will also increase public interest in their lives and stories, possibly bringing them closer together or further apart.

Recently, Prince William and Prince Harry appeared to put their differences aside and showed a united front to mourn the death of their grandmother in September. The Fab Four even reunited to meet the mourners during a walk outside Windsor Castle following Her Majesty’s death.

Their meeting immediately led to suspicions that they had already reconciled, although there was no news about this.

However, Sacerdoti worries that the release of The Crown season 5 could change their relationship again. I think any renewed interest in their childhood stories and the difficulties and tragedies that were part of it will definitely be the kind of thing that can transform their relationship, he explains.

Neither Kate Middleton’s nor Meghan Markle’s husbands have commented on the series and its portrayal of their parents’ relationship. However, Sacerdoti is convinced the Duke of Sussex will be talking about it in his Netflix docuseries as he and his wife have landed a lucrative deal with the streaming giant.

Meanwhile, many want to know how Prince William reacts after Prince Harry dropped important details about his forthcoming memoir, Spare. As the Sun reports, this has pulled the two brothers apart again and the Prince of Wales has barely spoken to his younger sibling since news of his book broke.

Nonetheless, the royal family is eager to read the book and hear about Prince Harry’s revelations. This news comes shortly after Prince Harry’s alleged plan to return to the UK to promote Spare ahead of its January 10 release.