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Prince William and Kate Middleton have reportedly worked out their children’s positions in the royal family as Prince Harry fears Princess Charlotte could end up like him

January 24, 2023

Prince William and Kate Middleton have reportedly found a solution to their three children’s place in the royal family. As Prince Harry revealed in his memoir Spare, he feared Princess Charlotte might end up like him, replacing her older brother, Prince George. It looks like the Wales have settled everything.

A royal expert claims that Prince William and Kate have it all covered when it comes to welcoming their second and third children, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, into the royal family. So is it possible that they will end up like their father and uncle Prince Harry?

Speaking on the Dynasty podcast, Katie Nicholl revealed that young Wales are enjoying a childhood that King Charles and Princess Diana’s sons were not allowed to experience, like the express reported. The Prince and Princess of Wales are committed to raising their children so that they understand their royal status while knowing that they are normal children too.

The royal correspondent went on to say that no one wants the next generation to experience what the Duke of Sussex witnessed and admitted it was not a pretty picture. If you see how the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall are raising their children, they’ve kept them out of the limelight by letting them go to ordinary schools, live in ordinary houses, take bucket and spade holidays and give them that taught to sail.

Despite questions about whether Princess Charlotte is a surrogate child, her parents, Prince William and Kate, have done everything right.

Meanwhile, the coronation of King Charles III. in front of the door. Will fans get to see Prince George and his siblings at the event? The Hello! Magazine claimed that the three are likely to come on the big day.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are sure to attend the coronation at Westminster Abbey. Whether Prince Louis will be there remains to be seen as he is still too young to attend such a celebratory event, but perhaps the future king and heir to the throne will make an exception.

But what is certain is that Prince Louis will attend the big concert with his family after the event. His visit to the platinum party at the palace is best known for his cheeky behavior.

He was once seen sitting on King Charles’ knee, showing his close bond with his grandfather. On other occasions, he would grab his grandfather’s nose in his official birthday portraits, give him a vigorous wave, and attempt to get to him on the balcony of Bucking Palace, saluting his late great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.