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Prince Harry’s popularity ratings drop drastically after marrying Meghan Markle: survey reveals

April 6, 2022

British sympathy for Prince Harry fell drastically after his marriage to Meghan Markle. The latest poll by Ipsos showed that its popularity ratings have dropped significantly.

Prince Harry’s standing with Brits appears to have declined since he stepped down as a senior royal. In fact, there is said to be a big difference between his popularity ratings when he wasn’t married to Meghan Markle and now.

Ipsos conducted the analysis between March 24 and 24 with 2,055 British correspondents aged 16 to 75. Compared to the May 2018 study, the Duke of Sussex’s popularity has dropped by 35% in the new poll, conducted in March 2022, according to the express.

Furthermore, only three out of ten people supported the controversial prince this time, while 43% are said to have an unfavorable opinion of him. The Duchess of Sussex has also experienced a significant drop in popularity in recent years.

Only 24% of correspondents have a positive opinion of the former actress. This means that only about half of the respondents are unfriendly towards her.

Compared to data analysis in 2018, Meghan Markle’s popularity drops by 16%. At the time, just 1,000 Brits aged 16 to 64 took the survey.

However, the least popular royal in the poll is Prince Andrew. Only 11% have a positive impression of him, while 69% have an unfavorable opinion of him.

As expected, Queen Elizabeth remains the most popular member of the royal family. Around 69% of respondents have a positive attitude towards it, while only 12% have a negative opinion of it.

The Sussexes are reported to be following Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Caribbean tour closely and see the negative reactions to it as karma. The tour in question has been described as a charm offensive and has been greeted with numerous protests demanding an apology and redress for slavery.

A source close to the couple told Heat World (via GeoTV) that the former senior royals are feeling complacent since the Cambridges’ tour looks troubled. Though the former Suits star has no intentions of picking a fight with the queen-consort-to-be or reveling in any wrongdoing, there seems to be a sense of karma from the Sussexes’ perspective.

The feeling at Team Sussex is that the Cambridges are finally being scrutinized and held accountable for the royals’ actions, not just their own, the tipster explained. The insider added that just because the pair have shown up and been on good terms with locals, who also want to be heard on something that keeps them busy, isn’t always a walk in the park for the pair.