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Prince Harry raises surprising allegations against Camilla, the queen consort

January 9, 2023

Prince Harry continues to make big revelations against the royal family in his interviews with Anderson Cooper and Tom Bradby on CBS’s 60 Minutes and ITV, respectively, and in his much-anticipated memoir, Spare. The latest claim? Meghan Markle’s husband accuses his stepmother, Queen Consort Camilla, of being dangerous and doing everything to cleanse her image.

It looks like nothing could stop Prince Harry from dropping bombshell after bombshell as he reveals details of his life with the royal family leading up to his infamous 2020 Megxit with wife Meghan Markle. One of the most important revelations he made concerns Camilla and how he and his brother, Prince William, were on the same page in stopping their father, King Charles III, from marrying her.

The former senior royal claimed his father’s wife was dangerous and would leave dead bodies in the streets to vindicate her image. There was even a time when he and his older brother tried to stop their father from marrying them.

The Duke of Sussex felt Camilla’s intent to make amends for her public image made her dangerous. She allegedly developed links with the British press, which made her menacing.

There was an open willingness on both sides to share information, Prince Harry told Cooper, loudly express. That said, he believed there would be people or corpses in the streets, considering her family was built on hierarchy and she was on the verge of becoming the Queen Consort.

He also recalled how he and Prince William begged King Charles not to marry her. Although they didn’t want them to break up, they suggested that they should just be together without getting married.

The two brothers really wanted their father to be happy and they saw him as very, very happy with Camilla. However, despite her request, King Charles chose to marry Camilla and they remained very happily together.

In his memoir, Prince Harry revealed that several years after Princess Diana’s death, King Charles was desperate to tie the knot with Camilla. He even asked the late Queen Elizabeth II for permission, which Prince Harry says she reluctantly granted.

In an excerpt from the book obtained by NBC News from the Spanish version of the book (via E! News received, Prince Harry revealed that King Charles went ahead with his plan and he and Prince William just shook hands with him and wished him well without being angry.

The two realized that their father would be with the woman he had always loved and who fate had planned for him from the beginning. King Charles and Camilla officially tied the knot in 2005.