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Prince Harry, Prince William’s feud could never have happened if Princess Diana were still around, says royal expert

August 29, 2022

A royal expert is of the firm belief that the feud between Prince Harry and Prince William would never have happened if Princess Diana were still alive. The royal siblings reportedly fell out after Meghan Markle entered the Duke of Sussex’s life, although one royal author claims the feud began long before the former actress appeared.

Former BBC Royal correspondent Jennie Bond told GB News that Princess Diana would be absolutely devastated if she knew her two sons were fighting. Prince Charles’ ex-wife would have sorted her out if only she were alive.

The show’s host, Anne Diamond, said loudly expressthat the People’s Princess would have avoided the whole problem if she were still alive. I think she would have sorted that out somehow, Bond told Anne and her co-host Stephen Dixon.

If the Princess of Wales were still around, this feud would never have happened or wouldn’t have gotten so bad. She would certainly be concerned if she saw the situation of the two princes today.

Meanwhile, royal commentator Natalie Oliveri chimed in 9Honey the comments of author Andrew Morton, who said friends of Princess Diana would be deeply saddened by the late Princess knowing of the tensions between Prince William and Prince Harry.

When asked about the dukes’ feud, Morton said her mother would be distraught if she knew how things turned out for her children. Oliveri claimed she was mortified by what they got themselves into, calling it an emotional mess.

Andrew said Princess Diana believed the Duke of Sussex was his older brother’s wingman and had supported him from day one, so the list. Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship has been strained in recent years, but the latter was said to be unhappy with his royal life even before he met and married Meghan Markle.

The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor – The Truth and Turmoil author Tina Brown claims things took a turn when Prince Harry retired from the armed forces in 2015. He had all these interests in Africa and conservation, but Prince Harry always had to play the second banana.

So it became a lot of tension between them. Brown went on to say that Prince William has this great destiny of becoming king one day, so he knows who he is.

In contrast, Prince Harry wondered if he would always be Uncle Andrew. However, things definitely changed when Meghan Markle entered the picture.

Prince Harry is said to have been furious when Prince William told him not to rush to propose to Meghan Markle. The Duke of Cambridge is also said to have been upset when his younger brother suggested Kate Middleton could be kinder to the Duchess of Sussex as he felt she should be valued as much as her mother, Princess Diana.