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Prince Harry, Prince William Feud: Here’s When Fans Think the Rivalry Started

January 18, 2023

Prince Harry’s icy relationship with his brother, Prince William, was an important part of his controversial memoir, Spare. Referring to their time together in the Royal Air Force in 2009, their tense joint interview from back then surfaced again, leading fans to believe their feud has since begun.

Just when many thought Prince William and Prince Harry’s feud began with the appearance of Meghan Markle, her 2009 interview suggested it may have started seven years before the Sussexes’ relationship began. The clip appeared to show the cracks in the two princes’ relationship from a young age.

The resurfaced BBC interview (via express) showed the brothers discussing their desire to serve in the armed forces while learning to fly helicopters at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire. At the time, the Prince of Wales was training to be an RAF search and rescue pilot, while the Duke of Sussex was on course to become an army helicopter pilot.

TikTok user RealRoyaltyDocs posted a snippet of the interview with the caption The start of Harry and William’s rivalry or just sibling banter? In his memoirs, the former senior royal spoke about his older brother’s possible jealousy at the time, apparently because he was allowed to go to war.

In the clip, Kate Middleton’s husband said he did not join the armed forces to be coddled or treated differently. He then claimed that if his younger brother could do it, he could do it too.

Prince William went on to say that he should be credible as the future head of the Armed Forces in order to fulfill the task he is committed to and do the best that he can. The role of search and rescue is a little different now than it would be if you could go to Afghanistan, but it’s still an important job, he added.

In a comment, user Linda Barron noted that the future king took over the interview, repeatedly emphasizing that he could do what Prince Harry could do and that he would be the future leader of the armed forces. Another netizen named Lay believed it was the first time Meghan Markle’s husband saw his brother feel there was a rivalry, as his face changed when the taunts came.

However, others believed it was just normal behavior between two brothers. Prince Harry’s relationship with Prince William was a major theme in the former’s memoir.

The two lived together in Shropshire to become future pilots, albeit in different ways. Unlike Prince Harry, Prince William could not be deployed in Afghanistan because it was considered too dangerous for the then second heir to the throne to go to war.