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Prince Harry may not include this important revelation in his upcoming memoir, but he may throw a big bombshell against Prince William

December 29, 2022

Following the release of the controversial Netflix docu-series Harry & Meghan about him and Meghan Markle, many are expecting Prince Harry to make some explosive revelations in his upcoming memoir, Spare. However, there could be one important bit of information the Duke of Sussex is reluctant to reveal.

Spare will be a 416-page book exploring Prince Harry’s life as a royal, who is now reclaiming his own history. Meghan Markle’s husband is expected to promote his memoir in several interviews in which he is likely to discuss his strained relationship with the royal family, but may not reveal who the racist royal family member he once spoke about is .

Kinsey Schofield believes that the youngest son of King Charles III. could choose not to speak about the identity of this allegedly racist member of the royal family. As a reminder, the Sussexes revealed that a member of the royal family questioned the color of their then-unborn child in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021.

The former actress said there were several conversations between her husband and this royal about how dark Archie’s skin color might have been before he was born. However, the prince did not share these conversations as he found them uncomfortable and shocking.

Still, Schofield believed Prince Harry’s words about not revealing that conversation meant it wouldn’t be part of Spare. Via express She explained that many are curious if Prince Harry will reveal who this racist member of the royal family is, but he will never tell that story.

If he does, I’m sure she’ll be surprised that he breaks his promise. While nothing about the Duke’s next move will shock her more, this one will be different.

But if there’s one thing Prince Harry will spill, it’s probably Prince William’s mysterious text message to him in Harry & Meghan, which drops a big bombshell against his big brother. Katie Nicholl is convinced that Spare will reveal a lot of controversial topics about Prince Harry and the royal family, mainly because of the numerous cliffhangers in the Netflix docu-series.

Considering the book is a £35m deal, it might be impossible not to make big reveals there. If her documentary is controversial enough, the memoir could pack even more explosive punch just when fans thought there was nothing else.

Of course, the memoir could also address Prince Harry’s struggles as a surrogate and his frustrations as a member of the royal family. His childhood could be the focus, as well as his search for the perfect partner, his and Meghan Markle’s love story, and more. Spare will be released on January 10th.