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Prince Harry is reportedly ruining hopes of a reconciliation with Prince William after opening up about their physical falling out in his memoir

January 6, 2023

Prince Harry has made a slew of revelations in his much-anticipated memoir, Spare, after some publications obtained the book through a tight pre-security measure. One of the revelations made by the Duke of Sussex was his physical altercation with his brother, Prince William, and it has reportedly dashed any hope of a reconciliation between the two.

Palace insiders claimed that Prince William was so enraged by the details his younger brother revealed in Spare that he would never forgive Prince Harry. Although the book is not due out until January 10, some explosive revelations against the royal family have now surfaced and circulated around the internet.

The sources told Vanity Fair, that among the many revelations made by the Duke of Sussex, it is Kate Middleton’s husband who is most upset about his decision to take up their brawl in 2019. The tipsters added that the Prince of Wales has a major trust issue with his brother and fears any communication he has had with him, particularly private ones, could be made public.

A source revealed the Duke of Cornwall has no plans to comment or respond to Meghan Markle’s husband’s claims. He wants to sit it all out because he knows that at the end of the day, he’s still the Prince of Wales he’s focused on.

In the excerpts that The Guardians and Page Six Price Harry called Prince William his nemesis and revealed he was gone forever after marrying Kate Middleton. He even claimed the couple told him to wear the infamous Nazi costume.

Their argument began when the smoking hot heir to the throne attacked him in the kitchen of his Kensington Palace after allegedly calling the Duchess of Sussex difficult, rude and aggressive.

The two then exchanged a war of words and exchanged insults. Prince William claimed he only wanted to help, which Prince Harry doubted and only fueled Prince William’s anger.

Although Prince Harry offered him a glass of water to calm himself and told him he couldn’t talk to him like that, Prince William grabbed his collar. This yanked at his collar and knocked him to the ground, causing Prince Harry to land on the dog bowl, which broke under his back and cut him.

When he regained consciousness, Prince Harry asked Prince William to step out, but the heir to the throne only told him to fight back. The former senior royal refused.

Prince William later came back to apologize and asked him not to tell Meghan Markle. Still, the former actress found out what happened after seeing the scrapes and bruises on her husband’s back. While she wasn’t surprised or angry, the former Suits star is said to have been terribly sad.