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Preview, spoilers and release date: Fairy Ranmaru Episode 11

June 12, 2021

In the morning, Queen communicates with Takara and asks why it takes so long to find Sirius. Takara responds that he struggles to find the moment when he collects evil souls. The queen asks Takara if his outings with the women do not delay him in fulfilling his mission. Takara replies that Reine must forget about this idea as she knows why she sent him to earth. The Queen comments that she hopes Takara does not drink or smoke. Fairy Ranmaru will conclude its final episode next week.

Takara realizes that the guys from Bar F have to follow the rules and the Ten Commandments. Takara tells the Queen that she will never disobey her laws or do anything against the Ten Commandments. The Queen reminds Takara of the unique mission she has given him, and if he does something with the Fairykind, he will be punished. Takara promised the Queen that nothing like this would happen. Hojo comments that Takara has a sharp tongue that makes anyone believe the word that comes out of his mouth.

Hojo says that he is happy that Takara approaches his missions with a calm that borders on cruelty, and that emotions will never make him waver. Meanwhile, in the real world, Takara thinks about missions and calls someone. Takara tells this person to meet him for a weekend if he is free. Queen tells Hojo that Takara looks like his father and that they traveled in the same lifeboat. Hojo realizes that the action of Takara’s father led him to a premature grave. Queen reveals that the death of Takara’s father eroded the foundations of the fairy world. Hojo says that he will make sure the past does not repeat itself.

Previously on Fairy Ranmaru Episode 10

At night, Takara travels alone and remembers the first time he met the Boss with money. On that day, Takara serves the Chief, and two comforting ladies notice that the Chief resembles Takara. The ladies ask the Boss if this cute boy is his son, and the Boss says no. The Chief reveals that this boy is the son of the dear old Chief he served. It also shows that Takara’s father is the one who sent him to earth to do housework, but he ended up being a corrupt lawyer. The ladies wonder if Takra is also a fairy.

The boss told the women not to talk about this as Takara hasn’t fallen down yet, and the Takara-boy is still 100% indoors. Takara has heard the truth about his father’s life, and Boss comments that he will show Takara how to navigate this world. Takara grows up with Boss, who learns it all and earns a Ph.D. on how to seduce women. During his teens, Takara realizes that one day he will have to revive the Mettallum clan. Today, Takara realizes that he has done everything humans do.

He realizes that he has planted many seeds. Thus, his legacy and the Metallum clan continue to live on even after his death. Takara saw a roadside bomb and nearly hit her with his car. It looks like the woman was running from something. Takara notices that the lady is half naked after the vehicle has stopped.

The rebirth of the Metallum clan

Takara gets out of the car and realizes that his body cannot resist this bomb. The lady looks at him, but he tries to be gentle and tells the lady why she wants to pounce on him. The lady gets up and tells Takara that he pulled out the oldest line in the book, and it’s the dumbest thing she’s ever heard. Takeru gets up and thinks the lady is trying to be hard to get guys. The lady gets up and looks away hoping that this guy will impress her. Takara takes a Bar F card and hands it to the lady like a true gentleman.

The lady reads “We will save her heart” and wonders what that means. Takara wanted to say something, but the lady pulled out the Bar F card with force. Takara cannot believe that the words have moved the lady and made her draw the letter in this way. Then the lady tells Takara to take her to the man she loves the most in the world. Takara smiles and the lady realizes that the man could be the one standing in front of her. The next morning, Takara travels with the lady and discovers that the lady has a son.

The lady shows her son to the surprised Takara and realizes that her son is too young for this lady to walk the streets half naked. Takara comments that he cannot compete and the lady says that her son still has a fever. Later, Takara discovers that the lady makes a living by stripping half-naked. The lady gave Takara a representation of her life, her life. Takara helps the lady get rid of her troubles and defeat the boss who uses the lady to earn money. After beating this boss, the lady returns to her daily life.

Fairy Ranmaru Episode 11 Release Date

The premiere date for episode 11 of Fairy Ranmaru is June 17, 2021 at 11:00 p.m. JST. You can watch Fairy Ranmaru online on Crunchyroll.