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Power Book 3: Raising Kanan Episode 1: review

July 21, 2021

The durable STARZ Power series may have breathed its last last year. But in return, it left us with more stories to follow for years to come. It all started with Power Book II: Ghost. Now, the same saga continues with the new Power Book III: Raising Kanan. A series that will tell the story of Kanan from the days when he was a shy and intelligent child. Destined by his mother to prefer a noble profession, unlike her. But circumstances made it become what it is today. Power Book III Episode 1: Raising Kanan has been released, and here is our roundup and review.

Sascha Penn created Power Book III: Raising Kanan. In the first episode, this was expected to be the introductory phase of the series. In fact, the series did the same job. Furthermore, it continued to reveal a completely different world to us than other Power series. It takes us back in time. The Voice of 50 Cent tells the story of Kanan. But that’s not just his story. There are complex people who have been a part of his life and who have influenced and shaped him over the years. So without further ado, let’s take a look.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan S01 E01 Review

The first episode of Raising Kanan begins in the early 90’s. We see older children beating up Kanan in a park. He runs away crying home, but instead of calming him down. Kanan’s mother takes him away and encourages him to fight these children. Similarly, once again in the episode, we see Kanan’s mother coming with him to his high school in the near future to discuss Kanan’s future with the principal. Then we meet a singing cousin of Kanan as in Jukebox. Besides her crush, Davina, and also her boyfriend, Buck Twenty. Kanan’s team also includes his best friend Shawn, “Famous” Figueroa.

The show also features Kanan’s uncle, Lou, and Marvin, as well as the drug trade in the Southern Quarter. We delve deeper into the world Kanan grew up in and how his mother Raq wants him to stay away from the street business, even if he wants to be a part of it. At the same time, the tension between Unique, the biggest merchant, and his mother Raq, who wants to hit the spot, is mounting. An attack is committed on the family, who hunt down Kanan at night. The next day, Raq meets with Unique to make sure everything is okay.

Then we went on to the presentation of D-Wiz, Kanan’s friend and also a girl close to Juke. Meanwhile, Kanan is a smart kid, but he can’t help but be like his mother. This prompts him to drop the ordeal halfway through and have his team deal with a wayward baby who turns out to be Unique’s man. Kanan shoots the bully and will chase him forever. After a big break with the family, Unique’s team attacks Kanan again.

Next, we meet Malcolm Howard, the policeman who thinks the streets belong to him, comes to investigate what happened in the neighborhood. The episode ends with Raq again trying to calm things down with Unique by offering him some money, but Unique says it won’t work. Accept the money, the market and everything, but there will be people who will come to take revenge. So, there comes a point where Kanan is now in business and there is no way out. Therefore, Raq talks to Kanan and lets him in to close the episode.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan Episode 1 Review

The first episode of Raising Kanan was nothing more than an introduction to the characters and the world, which will be a more important part of the story. This will be the case in the next episodes of the series. We have to say that it was necessary and that the introduction is done in the best possible way. The story can unfold without needing to say much about the characters, and we can see them transform themselves.

The first we meet is the main character Kanan. In fact, it is not the same as what we have seen in other Power Book series. In fact, Kanan was that scared child who became the bravest thanks to the way his mother raised him. He was the smart boy who could have practiced a noble profession in the future. But under the influence of his mother, Kanan made his way to follow in her footsteps. So the first episode was Kanan’s journey, of that little boy who cried after being beaten to the point of killing a man. Then he got into the drug business in Southside. Now there is no going back.

By coming to Southside Drug Business, the world has been drawn to the highest point for us. Also, how things work here. Unique is the King, and Raq and Lou Lou are the losers trying to take the lead right now. Of course, the drug business is not just a business. It is a total war that will make the difference in this place. Especially for Kanan, who will grow up in the midst of it all facing opponents like Unique and Officer Howard Malcolm.

If the action part is good, let’s not forget the presentations of Juke, his girlfriend and Famous, who can serve as emotional weight to the series. In the next few episodes, they could influence Kanan or be part of the risks involved. This could cause Kanan to reconsider his decisions. That’s it for the Power Book III Episode 1 recap and review: Raising Kanan. On the move, the next episode of Power Book III: Raising Kanan will launch on July 25 at 8:00 PM ET on STARZ and will be available to stream on the STARZ app and official website.