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Planning her revenge in tvN new drama ‘Eve’, Seo Ye Ji is proud and tall

May 5, 2022

Seo Ye Ji will return to the screen with new tvN drama Eve. The broadcaster has released a new teaser poster and trailer to delight fans and increase hype for the series.

The said poster features Seo Ye Ji himself, along with Park Byung Eun, Lee Sang Yup and Yoo Sun. With her looks, the returning star seems to hint at her evil plans to do as she pleases in Eve.

The picture that AllKpop received shows the 32-year-old star standing tall in the center while surrounded by his co-stars. She wears a jeweled crown on her head perfectly paired with a lush gown that makes her look ethereal.

In the series, she will play the role of Lee Rael, who has spent the last 13 years of her life plotting her revenge. On her right, Park Byung Eun plays Kang Yun Gyeom, the owner of LY Group and the head of the top 0.1% of South Korean society, who is about to fall dangerously in love with her.

On her left, Lee Sang Yup plays Seo Eun Pyung, a congressman willing to do anything for his childhood friend and love Rael. The picture also features Yoo Sun on the far right in an elegant green dress as Han So Ra, the wife of Kang Gun Gyeom.

The second teaser released by tvN shows how Seo Ye Ji’s character will dramatically change the lives of three people overnight. Rael will finally have the chance to get revenge on the people who took her father’s life.

The film also shows Kang Yun Gyeom stepping onto a podium under numerous camera flashes. He boldly announces that he is in love with another woman who is not his wife.

Then a glimpse of his beautiful wife, Han So Ra. But despite her perfect looks, she hides deep feelings of fear.

She is obsessed with her husband and will never make life with Rael easy for him. Finally, South Korea’s youngest MP, Seo Eun Pyung, is introduced.

He becomes part of this great scandal when he recognizes Rael as his childhood friend on TV. With their entangled lives, will everything go according to Rael’s plan?

Find out when Eve finally airs May 25 at 10:30pm KST. The series is directed by The Uncanny Counter director Park Bong Seob.