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Park Yoo Chun’s Comeback Movie ‘On The Edge’ Won’t Open in South Korean Theaters: Here’s Why and Where Fans Can See the Movie

October 20, 2022

Park Yoo Chun’s comeback film On the Edge, also known as To Evil, will not be released in South Korean theaters after the court banned the singer-songwriter from performing. Does this cancel his planned return to entertainment?

Park Yoo Chun announced his return to the entertainment world in September. He should be back on the big screen after four years, but it looks like that’s far from the case.

The 36-year-old star has been embroiled in a string of legal troubles in recent years. He was confronted with drug allegations and a lawsuit from his former agency, Recielo.

During a lawsuit against Recielo, the court ordered a performance ban preventing him from doing commercials in South Korea. This thus affects the release of his comeback film.

On the Edge was supposed to hit theaters this month, but the theatrical release was cancelled. This appears to be halting Park Yoo Chun’s comeback plan as the court denied his motion to have the ban overturned.

However, fans still have a chance to see the controversial film. His production company announced that he will be released on IPTV and other VOID services.

It was August 2021 when Park Yoo Chun became embroiled in a dispute over a contract with his former agency. Recielo claimed he struck an exclusive deal with the actor in January 2021 but violated it by signing with a Japanese agency.

Recielo took the matter to court. The court ruled that the artist may not produce, publicize, promote, or conduct entertainment activities with other agencies pending the court’s final decision.

Park Yoo Chun felt the order was unjust and asked the court to reverse its decision. However, the court saw no reason to describe the actions of his former agency as an abuse of rights.

Meanwhile, On the Edge is an independent feature film starring former JYJ and TVXQ member and directed by Kim See Woo. Despite being banned in Korea, the film has already won several awards at various film festivals, including Best Actress at the Las Vegas Asian Film Awards last year.

Park Yoo Chun was also sentenced in 2019 to a 10-month prison sentence with a two-year suspended sentence for drug abuse. This affair shook the entertainment industry to its core, as it also involved his former fiancé, a well-known heiress to a major dairy company.