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Park Eun Bin represents ‘Attorney Extraordinary Woo’ at the 28th Critics’ Choice Awards

January 9, 2023

American fans of Park Eun Bin will be able to catch the South Korean actress at the 28th Critics’ Choice Awards after Extraordinary Attorney Woo received a nomination. The hit K-drama series will go head-to-head against today’s big TV series, and fans can’t wait to see if it wins.

The 28th Critics Choice Awards will be held on January 15th at the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Park Eun Bin will represent her hit show Extraordinary Attorney Woo at the event and it remains to be seen if she will receive an international award this time.

This year’s awards ceremony honors the best film and television productions that had great success in 2022. Fortunately, Extraordinary Woo received a nomination for Best Foreign Language Series from Netflix.

In addition to the female lead, director Yoo In Shik will also be present at the event. forbes however, added that the series will compete against other notable contenders such as 1899, Borgen, Garcia! The Kingdom Exodus, Kleo, My Brilliant Friend, Pachinko and Tehran.

Should Advocate Extraordinary Woo actually win, it would be another impressive addition to his list of awards. First of all, the film has already won the Best Screenplay award, while Park Eun Bin received the Popularity Star Award for Best Actress in a Miniseries. Also, the film won Best Actress and Best Content awards at the 2022 Busan International Film Festival.

Meanwhile, fans will be able to see a different side of the 30-year-old star as she is reportedly in talks to star in a new romantic K-drama series, Diva of the Deserted Island. Although only details about the series are known, it has been revealed that she will play the role of Mok Ha, a 15-year-old teenager who aspires to be a professional singer.

However, an unexpected twist of fate will change her life when a gust of wind takes her to a barren island that shields her from the modern world. It will be 15 years before she is finally rescued.

As an adult, she is now trying to get acquainted with the society she has distanced herself from. Choong Hwan will direct the new series, while Park Hye Run will serve as the screenwriter.

Park Eun Bin is one of South Korea’s most successful contemporary stars. She has directed several film and TV hits such as Secretly, Greatly, Hello My Twenties, Judge vs. Judge, The Ghost Detective and The King’s Affection.