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Osamake Episode 3 Release Date

April 22, 2021

Everything is turning into a glorious but confusing mess of emotions, and I’m here for it!

At the end of the first episode, we had a bitter face-to-face between Maru and her crush’s boyfriend, Kachi. In the second episode, we learn that Kachi’s boyfriend only became an actor because of Maru, and he started dating Kachi to get revenge on him. This news only reinforces Maru’s determination to be the one to make Kachi accept her confession of love at the next big festival. To do this, Maru asks Kachi to write a play for the festival that will impress the audience and prove that he is the best actor.

Originally a light novel series, the series is in 6 volumes in February 2021. A manga adaptation was also released, with 2 volumes released in Japan in February 2021. The anime adaptation is hosted by Doga Kobo with Takashi Naoya as director. Yoriko Tomita is in charge of the composition of the series. The series launched on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 and will consist of 12 episodes.

Osamake episode 3 release date

The next episode of Osamake will air on Wednesday, April 28.

Osamake Episode 3 Premiere Time

Osamake airs at 9 p.m. Japan Standard Time, and airs outside of Japan almost immediately thereafter, at the following times:

Pacific Time: 5 am
Central time: 7 am
Eastern Time: 8 am
UK Time: 1:00 pm

Osamake Episode 3 Where to watch online

The only place you can legally watch this series is Crunchyroll. No other streaming service has announced plans to stream this series simultaneously as of April 21, 2021.

Osamake wasn’t on the radar prior to his release, but it seems like he’s reunited several people with his serious tale of romance and revenge. This isn’t the prettiest series Doga Kobo has featured, but it’s still charming and refreshing to see a series that certainly won’t try to deviate and that involves the lovable best friend character who makes himself. otherwise.