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One Punch Man update: Yusuke Murata reveals his main goal for the manga this year

January 2, 2023

One Punch Man creator Yusuke Murata gave a major manga update on Twitter earlier in the new year. The mangaka revealed his goal for 2023 and revealed a special sketch of the series’ protagonist, Saitama, to delight fans.

Murata thanked his followers for their continued support and wished them a Happy New Year. He also drew Saitama in a rabbit costume to celebrate the year 2023.

Murata adapted the manga from the original webcomic series that ONE created. After officially announcing the release date for the upcoming Chapter 177, the artist revealed that his goal for the new year is to get better at drawing.

Fans love how the animator brings the story of Saitama to life and are impressed with his art and the way he portrays the characters of the series. However, it looks like Murata wants to show more of herself.

When the new chapter comes out on Thursday, January 12th, fans might see a much better drawing of their favorite characters.

To give a glimpse of his vastly improved art, Murata has released a special drawing of Saitama’s image for the New Year. The illustration features the fan-favorite in a rabbit costume to prepare the fictional superhero for the Year of the Rabbit.

The illustration showed Saitama walking towards the new year. Of course, the New Year’s card illustration was accompanied by a season’s greeting, suggesting how Murata wanted to start the new year.

With his promise to improve his art and this hilarious illustration, it looks like he’s starting 2023 feeling good. Well, there’s no denying that he’s excited after last year was an important one for One-Punch Man in so many ways.

The anime adaptation of the series was confirmed last year and is now in the works. Of course, the creators of the series touted the comeback of the series with a key image.

Although no official details about the new season have been announced yet, fans have already shared their various assumptions and hopes for the series’ return. They wish the series would get a new studio after the controversy of the second season, which disappointed its followers with what they called messy animation.

Manga-wise, with the conclusion of the action-packed Garou storyline, Murata has already completed the most intense story arc to date after more than a year. Currently running the Psychic Sisters arc, it introduced the villain group Tsukuyomi, who didn’t appear in the original webcomic.

Last year also saw the groundbreaking of Murata’s next big story. So fans will have to wait and see what he has in store for One Punch Man as the series progresses.