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One Punch Man Season 3: Official franchise Twitter page denies that studio MAPPA will handle the new season

December 26, 2022

Details about One-Punch Man season 3 were few and far between until a well-known anime and manga news leaker made a claim about it. Supposedly, the third season is now in the works and has an official studio. However, the franchise itself seems to deny this claim and has released an official statement to warn fans about such rumours.

The anime officially announced the coming of One-Punch Man Season 3 earlier this year, although no official details have been announced yet, from the studio to the release date and more. To give fans some clarity, the franchise’s official Twitter page broke their silence with a rare letter.

The news came before the holidays and urged netizens to ignore any news about the series from unofficial online sources. This is the only official Twitter account for the anime ‘One-Punch Man,’ he pointed out.

He asked not to be misled by unofficial information from other accounts as all the exact details about the series would be officially revealed by the official Twitter social page when the right time came.

This announcement may have come from a popular fan site post called Shonen Leaks announcing that studio MAPPA would be handling One-Punch Man Season 3. However, there is no official message or announcement yet.

The fan site was then reported, which led to the suspension of said account. From the looks of it, the series team wants to keep rumors to a minimum to make things clear.

Although a third season has been officially announced, no studio has been hired to do so yet. Madhouse was in charge of the first season and JC Staff handled the second season.

As such, many are waiting for news about the studio that will be responsible for One-Punch Man season 3, and many fans are wishing it will be MAPPA as the studio is doing an incredible job on anime visuals.

It’s been over three years since Season 2 ended, and with the New Year starting in less than a week, there are few details about Season 3. However, the manga version is still very successful and is already in the 27th volume.

The franchise also has a mobile game, One-Punch Man: The Strongest. In addition, creator ONE has been working on a new manga titled Versus in collaboration with Azuma Kyuntarou from Tenkaichi and King of Fighters.