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One Punch Man Season 3: MAPPA is reportedly set to oversee animation for the new season of the series

December 8, 2022

After more than three years, fans can finally find hope for One Punch Man Season 3. Rumor has it that the new season of the anime will soon be produced by one of Japan’s It studios, MAPPA.

The news comes from one of the most well-known anime leakers in the industry, ShonenLeaks. However, MAPPA itself has not yet confirmed whether it will be overseeing the animation of One Punch Man Season 3, but many are hoping so.

Like MAPPA, the series’ creators are silent about the alleged new studio for the third season of the series. The same thing happened when Season 2 was announced — no JC staffer spoke about the news.

However, fans can’t help but rejoice as MAPPA has some of the best anime series on its résumé such as Attack on Titan, Chainsaw Man and more. It’s also good to know that the bland animation of the second season, which was a setback compared to the much-praised first season, has led many to call for a new studio for the anime.

So will One Punch Man season 3 be part of the MAPPA catalogue? The series needs to win back its fans and MAPPA can help it by meeting their expectations for the animation work, especially since the third season will feature the fight between Saitama and Garou.

The third season is expected to adapt volumes 17 to 24 of the manga as each season of the anime consisted of eight books. In chapters, it is volumes 85 to 118.

The new season is said to have taken years to produce due to a lack of source material. The One Punch Man manga is far from finished as author One and artist Yusuke Murata just released Volume 27 on November 4th.

But as MAPPA is expected to give One Punch Man season 3 some justice after disappointing fans in season 2, rumors have swirled that the staff is overburdened with work. Instead of rejoicing at the news, fans feel sorry for the studio’s animators.

As the third season of anime increases their workload, they will have to animate one anime at a time. It is even joked that the MAPPA employees haven’t seen their families for a long time.

Fans believe MAPPA employees are in the same situation as Twitter employees, who have to sleep at headquarters due to their workload. So if they actually do One Punch Man season 3, it’s going to be another burden for them.