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One Punch Man Chapter 161 Release Date, Spoilers: Can Garou Beat Saitama?

March 18, 2022

Saitama and Garou finally face each other in One Punch Man Chapter 161. After being absent for a number of chapters, the bald guy is back in action.

The question is: can Saitama defeat Garou with just a single punch? The Hero Hunter has transformed into such a powerful opponent in One Punch Man Chapter 161 that Saitama’s iconic single punch against him will not be enough.

Recent highlights have shown that Garou is now a demi-monster with incredible strength that is difficult to defeat. So fans can look forward to a serious fight between these two.

The fact that he defeated Sage Centipede proves that his power is already beyond that of a human. Its powers are also said to be on par with those of a high-ranking monster.

With the monster association arc finale approaching, things are going to get pretty intense from here on out. Garou is now in his awakened form.

His clothes have fused to his body and his power has multiplied. Since Saitama has been chilling for a long time, his strength and skills will be challenged this time.

There are theories that Saitama will not start his fight against Garou directly in One Punch Man Chapter 161. Garou could launch the attack, although Saitama could dodge all of his hits at first.

Sweet Mask and Child Emperor are able to attempt to join the fight but are easily defeated by Garou. When Saitama sees the situation, he can get involved in the fight and the intense fight between the two will finally begin.

Meanwhile, in One Punch Man Chapter 160, Sweet Mask arrived at the battlefield and saw the chaos, The Anime Daily reports. He also saw Flashy Flash’s corpse and a monster trying to wake him up instead of eating him.

Sweet Mask wanted to attack the monster, but a huge naval ship got between them. Eventually Saitama arrived and everyone was thrown into the sky.

King looked around and spotted Saitama. He held the unconscious Tatsumaki in his hand. Later, the group New Blizzard also arrived.

Fubuki saw her sister and wanted to transfer some of her energy to her. She asked Tanktop to help her with this, but he refused.

He didn’t want to exceed his powers, so he let Fubuki do it. Saitama was on the roof of the ship and later found herself in front of Garou.

What’s next? Find out when One Punch Man Chapter 161 is expected to release on Thursday March 24th.