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One Piece Red update: New key visual hints at storyline of three characters

May 27, 2022

One Piece Red releases its official poster which takes a good look at the three main characters Uta, Shanks and Luffy. The image shows the distant relationship between the father and his child, along with Luffy in the middle.

Uta is a new character and Shanks’ daughter whom he left for unknown reasons. They seem to have different backgrounds and One Piece Red will mostly focus on their relationship.

Although Luffy is in the foreground, it only takes up a small part of the footage. So the main focus is on Shanks and Uta and the connection they have.

Shanks looks pretty serious, which is quite unusual for him and the film might reveal the reason why. Uta, on the other hand, sings her heart out, knowing full well that she is a world-famous diva.

The two face opposite directions, suggesting the gap between them. So will there be drama between the two in One Piece Red?

The upcoming movie also raises questions about Luffy and Shanks’ meeting. According to SportsKeeda, the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates aims to surpass Redhair when they meet again.

Should this happen, Luffy could return Shanks his straw hat. So will there be any interaction between the two?

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In One Piece Red, the Straw Hats will attend a music festival. Then Uta is introduced and there are several cameos from different characters.

The Heart Pirates and the Marines will be featured, but the most anticipated character is Shanks. However, it remains to be seen if he will have a starring role or just a sideline appearance.

Elsewhere, Comicbook wrote that the film will also introduce the Straw Hat Pirates’ ship, Thousand Sunny. It will have a similar appearance to Tony Tony Chopper, the group’s doctor.

Plus, there are some surprising mysteries that fans will discover this summer as the iconic ship comes to life. One Piece Red is scheduled for release in Japan on August 6th.

When it will be released worldwide is not yet known. But based on the franchise’s previous film releases, the films that come out in the summer usually come out in the fall in North America and other countries.

With the possibility of Shanks meeting Luffy one more time in this film, a moment many have been waiting for, One Piece Red is definitely a must-see. This film is the 15th film adaptation of the franchise.