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One Piece Episode 986 Release Date, Spoilers, Watch Episode 986 online

August 3, 2021

Here are the spoilers, recap, and release date for One Piece episode 986. An animated series based on the manga series of the same name, One Piece, has been in progress since 2004. It is a series of pirate adventures that follow Monkey D. Luffy, whose plot revolves around the adventures of Luffy. One Piece takes place in the world of pirates, where they search for Gold Roger’s treasure.

With his fellow crew members, Luffy goes in search of this treasure. His travels take him to various places, where he meets various people and makes friends and enemies. More than 950 episodes make this series one of the longest in history.

Spoilers for One Piece Episode 986

The Queen hears the ruckus that Zoro and Luffy caused in episode 986 of the One Piece spoilers. After the beatings, the pirates lie on the ground. Apoo immediately recognizes Luffy and wonders if they weren’t the two incarcerated in the same prison.

Combat music

Luffy and Zoro run away. Anyone who can stop them will have a chance to compete for a spot among the six flyers, according to Queen’s announcement. Also, you want to remove a Tobi Roppo that already exists.

Scratchman It’s Apoo’s turn to attack. He first attacks Luffy, who is surprised by his sudden appearance. Zoro then has his chest cut off by him. Luffy is attacked again, and this time he is blown up. After realizing Luffy’s ability, Zoro grabs him and runs away.

Revenge of the child

Luffy does not take long to recover and return to the heat of the moment. Kid intercepts Apoo’s attack this time. Despite Killer’s advice, he walks towards him, believing him to be a traitor and therefore a threat to the Republic. As a result, Kid uses his Punk Gibson attack to defeat Apoo.

Kid is discovered by the pirates, and the queen is puzzled by the situation. The boy asks Apoo why he betrayed them and why he did it. So he took the easy way: they had no chance of defeating him. The boy is cut in half by Apoo, who melee attacks with his attack.

One Piece episode 985 recap

A recap of One Piece episode 985 reveals that Kaido summons Tobi Roppo. Kaido tells them upon arrival that he wants them to meet Big Mom. However, as it is changing, your departure will be delayed. In the meantime, he has another task for them.

Find Yamato

King appears and tells them that he was the one who called them to come to his office. Kaido calms King, Sasaki, and Who’s Who after a little discussion. It is for this reason that he calls Bao Huang to find out his schedule. In the near future, Kaido will make an important announcement about the Yamato.

Kadio asks the members of Tobi Roppo to locate the Yamato. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to compete against an All-Star for their position. To find Yamato, they set out in a group of six.

Chaos at the banquet

When Kid tries to enter Kaido’s mansion, his henchmen stop him. Luffy, meanwhile, realizes that the Beast Pirates are wasting their food reserves. Furthermore, Zoro is impressed by this vision and remembers the city of Ebisu, which was starving.

Luffy eats the red bean soup. The pirates who beat him bring him more money and goods. Others waste food, which Zoro eliminates. To defeat his opponents, Luffy uses the Kong Punch. Meanwhile, Zoro heads to Luffy’s house, where he too begins cutting enemies. Since his chaos will create an opening for him, Kid doesn’t care about any of this.

Release date and time of One Piece episode 986

The premiere date for One Piece Episode 986 will be set for Sunday, August 8, 2021.

One Piece Episode 986 watch anime

One Piece Episode 986 is also digitally accessible through several different providers. Most of the shows are free or discounted, so catching up on One Piece anime episodes is very convenient. One Piece episode 986 can be seen on the following channels.