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One Piece Episode 978: Worst Generation Pirates in Action! Release date

June 12, 2021

The title of One Piece episode 978 is “The Worst Generation Is Coming! The Battle of the Rough Sea! ”The Akazaya Nine alliance is finally here in the form of Kid Pirates, Heart Pirates, and Straw Hat. Luffy, Kid, and Law are determined to be the ones to take down Kaido. However, they must first defeat Kaido’s huge fleet there to prevent them from reaching Onigashima.

He will definitely be a piece of cake for the worst generation due to his incredible abilities. But they will still encounter some difficulties due to Kanjuro. He also helped Orochi set up an ambush around Wano. Now it will be interesting to see if the alliance of minks, pirates and samurai will be able to defeat Kaido or not.


Luffy, Kid and Law, the three of them only have one goal in mind, that of becoming the new master of the seas. They raise their fighting spirit and challenge the huge fleet of the beast pirate leader using their extraordinary techniques. A fierce battle will begin in the ocean and no one will be able to stop the worst generations now.

One Piece episode 978 could also see Denjiro join the fight with his former teammates. This is likely to happen as he also wants revenge for Oden Kozuki’s death. Furthermore, Kinemon will reveal his plan to defeat Kaido’s subordinates. Meanwhile, Kanjuro will continue to confuse them and try to kidnap momonosuke to present him in front of Kaido.


On last week’s episode, viewers witnessed the revelation of the traitor among the Akazaya Nine. Momonosuke was crying as he watched Kinemon and his group advance to attack Kaido. Furthermore, none of the troops waiting to come to his aid had arrived. Kiku realized that someone had revealed their strategy to Kaido again. The latter also told him that there is a traitor in the Akazaya. Kanjuro sheds some tears and reveals to them that he is the traitor they are looking for.

Kinemon is quick to cut off his head only to find that it was just a drawing of him. At the end of the episode, the worst generation hackers arrive and apologize for being late.


Fans have been waiting for this moment for a long time. They will finally see Luffy and the rest of the worst generation hackers in action in the next episode. One Piece episode 978 will air on Sunday, June 13, 2021. OP viewers can watch new episodes of this anime on streaming giant Crunchyroll.