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‘One Piece’ Episode 1050 Release Date, Spoilers: Kaido unleashes dragon form to face Luffy, Momonosuke

January 31, 2023

Kaido faces Momonosuke in One Piece Episode 1050 titled Two Dragons Face Off! Momonosuke’s determination! The fight against the pirate beast continues, especially after Luffy finally reaches the roof.

The previous episode titled Luffy Rises! Revenge against the King of Beasts! featured another series of intense battles against Kaido and his subordinates. As it continues in One Piece Episode 1050, will you finally see the long-awaited victory over Kaido?

Luffy finally makes his grand entrance on the rooftop with the help of Momonuske, who can now fly. Therefore, Kaido is about to unleash his dragon form to face Oden’s son.

From here, fans will see a real fight between Luffy and Kaido. It will only be a matter of time before viewers finally get to see the animated version of Luffy’s Gear Five after the previous episode ended with the Gear 4 form.

Luffy must fight against Kaido’s dragon form. So will he get the help of Momonosuke when he faces Kaido in One Piece episode 1050?

In the new episode, the Nine Saber-Tooth Tigers will also fight their own battles for their land. It looks like the upcoming episode will be even more exciting.

In One Piece Episode 1049, Luffy climbed Momonosuke, who successfully transformed into a dragon. But since he knew that the boy was afraid of heights, they stayed on the ground for a while.

Luffy tried his best to talk Momonosuke out of his fear and convince him until he finally gave in and managed to fly, albeit with his eyes closed and tears streaming down his face. But another problem arose when Momonosuke found he had no idea how to land.

This led to him interfering with several battles in the Skull Dome. In other events, Yamato was determined to fight his father and defeat him despite his overwhelming powers.

She wasn’t about to give up and wanted to hold him until Luffy finally returned. She continued to face him as they exchanged some of the strongest punches.

But despite their intense struggle, Kaido reminded Yamato that she was still his child while he tried to break her resolve. He also tried to make them hopeless, saying the samurai of Wano would never accept them as allies because of their origins.

Kaido constantly made fun of Yamato, adding that she had no friends and reminding him that most of them were already dead. You can see what’s next when One Piece Episode 1050 comes out on Sunday February 5th.