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One Piece Episode 1003 Summary – Akayazaya’s last stand, the queen’s poison balls

December 13, 2021

As one of the most popular anime series of all time, One Piece has managed to stay relevant over the years. In fact, the fan base has only grown due to the consistent quality of Eiichiro Oda’s stories, which are now being converted into an anime adaptation.

One Piece follows the story of Money D. Luffy and is set in the world of pirates. Their goal? Find One Piece. And why? To become king of the pirates. Luffy is one of the many brawls, but he’s different from the others. With his teammates by his side, Luffy sails in the winds of the Grand Line in search of One Piece. Let’s see what we have today in the One Piece episode 1003 discussion.

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One Piece Episode 1003 Summary – Akayazaya’s Last Stand

The Scabbards give everything in this agonizing battle against the pirate beasts. Kaido, for whom they are the ultimate, stands in front of him with a monstrous look. But the Akayaza are not a bit afraid of him and are ready to sacrifice their lives to save Wano and fulfill their master’s dream.

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After defeating the threat posed by Jack, they achieved an important achievement. Both Nekomamushi and Inuarashi put an end to Jack with their sulong forms. Of course, Kaido doesn’t want any of his favorite men to suffer any more, so he tells him to retire.

Kaido is like a wild beast not to be underestimated, and Akazaya knows it. So this time they are well prepared. Kaido uses his usual fire breath, but to his surprise Kinemon cuts the fire and opens the final battle between his group and the strongest creature in the world.

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The queen’s poison balls

Tech genius Queen caused havoc in the live dome. With his Gatling gun he fired several bullets at the samurai down there. Some of them even met the pirate beasts. But does he care? Not at all.

To him they are just expendable lives, but taking care of the enemy before them is paramount. The bullets he fired contained the poison of the Oni demon. This poison slowly turns people into ice demons.

Some of the samurai are already showing the first signs, half of their bodies are already frozen in ice. Unfortunately, it has also caught large figures like Hyogoro, the flower, which is sure to dent the strength of the samurai.

However, their determination is still strong and they are ready to sacrifice their lives for Wano. Even if they die, they will die in glory and fighting the monsters of the world. The helicopter is likely to play a vital role in healing those affected by this poison.

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The dead don’t tell lies

Big Mom has rolled out of the live dome where she meets Perospero. As previously planned, he suggests breaking the alliance with Kaido, but Big Mom has other plans. She assures Perospero that she will in fact become the king of the pirates.

This ended the short alliance between Marco and Perospero. Marco doesn’t really have much to say about that because he was expecting it. Big Mom and Marco interact with each other, calling him a holdover from Whitebeard.

But Marco doesn’t agree. He tells her that he and the other Whitebeard pirates are no longer bound by their dads’ orders. They are free people and can do what they want in their own way.

He attacks Big Mom because it looks like a clash between the strongest woman in the world and the first commander of what was once the strongest man in the world. It’s going to be an interesting fight for sure.

What was your favorite moment from One Piece episode 1003? Let us know in the comments below. For more One Piece, follow us on social media. One Piece is on stream Crunchyroll and funimation available.