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One Piece Chapter 1074 release date, spoilers: The hanging storylines to explore

February 1, 2023

There will be more revelations in One Piece Chapter 1074 as it could explore the hanging storylines. The arrival of the Elder makes the series even more exciting as Kizaru and Jaygarcia will chat over a cup of tea.

Vegapunk Stella suddenly disappears and everyone is wondering about her whereabouts. Will the Straw Hats find Stella in One Piece Chapter 1074 as they must leave before time runs out?

The Straw Hats must leave the island before the Marines join CP0. Stella’s disappearance has raised a lot of questions, will they finally find the answers in the next chapter?

Another question that the next issue will need to answer is why the Marines need to take all of Whitebeard’s wealth away. But apart from that, a lot will happen in the upcoming episode.

A battle between Garp and the Blackbeard pirates could take place in One Piece Chapter 1074. Garp revealed his plan to face the Blackbeard pirates and free Koby from their grip.

However, Eiichiro Oda hasn’t explored this storyline in the last three chapters, so it might finally happen in the next chapter as the Vice Admiral might arrive on the pirate island of Hachinosu soon.

Fans could also see Luffy fight Saint Jay Garcia Saturn. The latter could cross paths with the protagonist and reveal the true extent of his abilities.

He is one of the five elders with the highest authority in world government. His bravery in dealing with matters alone is perhaps just an indication of his strength.

Next, Bonney accesses Kuma’s memories. Bonney and Vegapunk’s absence in the previous chapter could mean that they are busy exploring Kuma’s memories.

That could mean that One Piece Chapter 1074 finally reveals some secrets of world government and provides more information about the lunar race.

When Kuma’s memories come to light, they will reveal the reason for his return to Mariejois. They will unveil some of the deepest, darkest secrets about World Government and the Sky Dragons that will justify Kuma’s actions.

Finally, in the next chapter, Kid may take the next step after reaching the island of giants, Elbaf. Nothing was mentioned about the island in the last two chapters, putting this story arc on hold. So it is expected to be continued and explored in the next chapter.

Unfortunately the manga is on hiatus and we won’t find out how it’s going to continue for another two weeks, on Sunday February 12th. If those mentioned storylines are explored, the wait will be worth it.