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One Piece Chapter 1073 Release Date, Spoilers: Stussy reveals the Devil Fruit, battles with Lucci and more

January 26, 2023

One Piece Chapter 1073 spoilers and raw scans have been released, mostly focusing on Stussy as Vegapunk’s mysterious ally. Fans can see more of the CP0 agent, her devil fruit and more.

While there’s no word on whether Stussy actually has a devil fruit, it will be confirmed in the One Piece Chapter 1073 release soon. From there, fans will see how she will attempt to save Vegapunk and the Straw Hats.

Stussy successfully puts Kaku to sleep and then starts a fight with Lucci. Lucci attacks Stussy, not realizing it’s just an afterimage as the real enemy is now behind him.

She uses a lipstick case with a sea prism stone to overpower Lucci, giving him the opportunity to bite and put him to sleep as well. Stussy appears to have transformed into her putative Zoan-type devil fruit.

Her tongue is now longer than usual and her teeth have developed into huge fangs, while her skin appears to be darker. Lucci has passed out, Brooks watches from the Thousand Sunny, and Zoro approaches Stussy in One Piece Chapter 1073.

Stussy then turns out to be Vegapunk’s mysterious ally. She begins radioing Shaka and other Straw Hats to spread the word.

From there, she explains that she cannot stop the Seraphim, who make their way to the Laborstratum building. S-Snake, S-Bear and S-Shark prepare to attack while Lilith and Edison try to order the Seraphim to stop.

Elsewhere in One Piece Chapter 1073, the scene cuts to Sphinx Island where the Marines stop while Marco is at Wanokuni. Weevil arrives and protects the village, but Ryokugyuu captures him.

Marco is now with Miss Bakkin, who asks him to bring her son back and give her Shirohige inheritance. He then tells him he appreciates how she saves the village when Bakkin cuts him and asks if he doubts his son’s parentage.

Green Bull senses Shanks’ haki, while Weevil’s appearance suggests he’s connected to Whiteboard, which Vegapunk can only confirm. Then you see Kizaru’s ship bringing snacks and drinks to an old man.

Kizaku asks the man, who later turns out to be one of the Gorousei (Five Elders), if he met Vegapunk. The man with the scar on the left side of his face and gray dreadlocks is later known as Saint Jegarcia Saturn.

You can see what’s next when One Piece Chapter 1073 comes out on Sunday, January 28th.