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One Piece Chapter 1072 Release Date, Spoilers: The Reveal of the MADS Members, Kaku’s Devil Fruit, and More

January 17, 2023

One Piece Chapter 1072 spoilers have officially dropped, hinting at plenty of exciting revelations. Entitled The Weight of Memory, flashbacks are primarily told that focus on the banned science group MADS.

The cover art of One Piece Chapter 1072 shows Queen, Vinsmoke, Judge and Caesar Clown crafting weapons. It looks like they are the members of MADS and more will be revealed in this story.

The first spoilers start with a flashback, but nothing is known about it yet. It is later revealed that Kuma’s power can turn intangible things into something tangible.

The scene returns to the present and shows Kaku using his awakened Zoan form against Zoro, who successfully defeats him. Kaku uses the Zoan-type Ox-Ox Fruit, Model: Giraffe, Devil Fruit after waking her up during the Enies lobby arc.

The first One Piece Chapter 1072 spoilers also mention Stussy, revealing that she is a clone of a former member of the Rocks Pirates. Later it may turn out that the pirate she cloned was the fifth MADS member.

In addition to this set of spoilers, two more are yet to be confirmed. There are theories that former Rocks member Stussy cloned Bakkin, Edward Weevil’s mother and alleged son of Whitebeard.

So if the new chapter reveals Bakkin as a former member of the Rock Pirates, it could confirm the claim that he raised Whitebeard’s only true son. Another leak believed to be fake by some involves Stussy’s devil fruit, the zoan-like bat fruit.

Reputable leakers claim that this refers to a spoiler from another chapter. So there might be some truth to it, but it won’t happen in One Piece Chapter 1072. Instead, it could be confirmed as part of future chapters.

Meanwhile, in One Piece chapter 1071, Kuma crashed into Red Harbor at the foot of the Red Line. Citizens panicked, and it was announced that the area would be evacuated and the Marines deployed.

Lucci didn’t listen to the Navy and ordered his men to destroy the ships to find Vegapunk. Lilith was ready to hit back at CP0, but Shaka stopped her.

Vegapunk turned to a mysterious ally for help, even though he was dangerous. He then asked the Straw Hats if they could board seven more people.

Labophase’s defensive barrier was suddenly disabled. Kaku took advantage of this and attacked the Thousand Sunny.

Zoro stopped him while Luffy reunited with his crew and Bonney went after Vegapunk. Elsewhere, the Kid Pirates reached the island of Elbaph while Doll told Garp not to attack the Emperor’s island without the Navy’s permission.

Ignoring them, Garp went to Helmeppo and told him they were going to save Koby from Blackbeard. Find out what’s next when One Piece Chapter 1072 releases on Sunday, January 22nd.