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One Piece Chapter 1072 Release Date, Spoilers: Fans will witness multiple reveals

January 10, 2023

One Piece Chapter 1072 will answer fans’ questions that the previous chapter left unanswered. From the arrival of the real Kuma to the mysterious person who will help Vegapunk, the upcoming episode has a lot to reveal.

The Title In this tumultuous world, where will the Straw Hats venture next?! hints at what will happen in One Piece Chapter 1071. Does this mean the Straw Hats will successfully escape from Egghead Island?

The official spoilers for the new chapter have not yet been released, but there are already a few theories put forward by fans. One of the revelations fans could see is the mysterious person who will help Vegapunk and the Straw Hats escape.

Den Den pussy Vegapunk often communicates with this person. He also frequently mimics the facial features of his interlocutor, so it could be someone fans have already seen.

The real Kuma is alive and will arrive on Egghead in One Piece Chapter 1072 to reunite with his daughter Bonney. But there are theories that Vegapunk will give the sky dragon a pacifist model and hide the real Kuma until later.

Also, fan theories have it that Garp will die if he attacks Blackbeard to save Koby. This could lead to an all-out war between Blackbeard, Luffy and Koby. Garp may also turn out to be the leader of the SWORD, implied by his interest in rescuing Koby.

Zoro fans are also excited about the new chapters and the return of their favorite character to the battle scenes. He has now woken up from his nap and faced Kaku. However, the fight was called off after the manga shifted its focus, although there could still be plenty of action between the two in One Piece Chapter 1072.

Kizaru may also show up with the Navy warships he has collected. He once promised that he had something in store for the Straw Hats that would make it harder for them to escape.

In One Piece Chapter 1071, Kuma startled everyone when he crashed into the Red Line. The Straw Hats, on the other hand, prepared to flee.

Vegapunks asked a mysterious person for help, although the Navy would surely hunt this person down. The CP0 infiltrated Vegapunk’s lab and met Zoro.

Kaku and Zoro then began fighting after the former failed to destroy the Thousand Sunny. Elsewhere, the Kid Pirates were near Elbaf, although that wasn’t part of their plan.

However, Kid looked thrilled when he landed on the island of giants. Eventually, Garp argued with Doll about helping Kizaru. He then led a rescue mission to save Koby from Blackbeard.

One Piece Chapter 1072 will be released on Sunday, January 23 after the week-long hiatus.