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One Piece Chapter 1071 Release Date, Spoilers: With Kizaru’s arrival, there could be another big fight

December 27, 2022

One Piece Chapter 1071 will start the new year with a big bang. After the fight between Luffy and Lucci, the Straw Hats urgently need to leave Egghead Island, but the threat of the Marines and Kizaru doesn’t make it easy for them.

There will be another fight in One Piece Chapter 1071. With the arrival of Kizaru, will Luffy face him this time?

Something big is about to happen after Kizaru arrives on the island. The marines have had a plan for some time, and they won’t let the Straw Hats’ presence ruin it.

Kizaru and Akainu are confident in their success. But with the massive number of warships requested, there could be another major war in the series.

This could hinder the Straw Hats’ plan to flee the island in One Piece Chapter 1071. From there, Zoro and Brook could engage in another fight, and a royal battle could result, resulting in the death of an important figure. Kizaru could start another all-out war with his plans.

In One Piece Chapter 1070, a violent fight ensued between Lucci and Luffy. The former injured Sentomaru to gain control of the Control Authority so he could command the Seraphims.

This sparked the fight between the two, with Luffy unleashing new attacks from his Gear 5 transformation. The Seraphim wreaked havoc and defeated the CP0 foot soldiers.

They also used some devil fruit skills to bring down the enemies. Franky witnessed Jimbei’s Seraphim use the Swim-Swim ability on Senior Pink, leading him to question if he was still alive.

From there, Vegapunk explained how he was able to create duplicate Zoan devil fruit and how difficult it was to duplicate another type of duplicate fruit, like the Logia devil fruit. The latter was almost impossible to fake.

He then revealed how he created the Seraphim using the green blood that flowed through the Seraphim and that came from the users of the Paramecia Devil Fruit. The scene then shifted to Luffy and Lucci, with the former eventually defeating the villain with his new attacks.

They even used a vacuum rocket to get into the lab phase area and get Atlas the treatment he needed. In the end, the Straw Hats prepared to leave Egghead Island while the CP0 gained total control of the Seraphims.

To make matters worse, Kizaru was about to arrive on the island. You can see what’s next when One Piece Chapter 1071 comes out on Sunday, January 8, after the manga’s week-long hiatus.