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One Piece Chapter 1071 release date, spoilers: The surprise arrival of kid’s pirates on Elbalf

December 30, 2022

The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1071 have hinted at the arrival of Eustass Kids’ pirate crew on the island of warrior giants, Elbalf. This comes as a surprise to many as they are not fan favourites.

But it looks like the crew is also surprised that they arrived on Elbalf. So what will they do on the island in One Piece Chapter 1071?

Elbalf isn’t the crew’s destination, so their arrival is quite unexpected. Fans will see Kid dreaming about giant fish until Killer wakes him up and tells him they are approaching an island and asks him if they are going to land.

Considering Killer tells him it’s not just any island, it’s Elbalf, Kid is excited to go there. It looks like manga creator Eiichiro will be putting the Oda Kid in the spotlight this time, having only mentioned him in passing so far.

However, fans seem disappointed that the events between the Kid Pirates and the Giants will only take place in the background of One Piece Chapter 1071. They too are sad not to see the fight between Law and Blackbeard as it is off screen. But knowing it’s a classic mangaka move, some understand it.

Meanwhile, the new chapter in the Red Line begins with the real Kuma arriving at Red Harbor and making his way to the symbol of world government near the elevator that connects the harbor to Mary Geoise.

At Egghead Island, Stussy finds that Lucci has no intention of obeying the Marines’ orders and continues to attack Luffy and Vegapunk while the CP0 agents blockade all ports and ships.

All of the Vegapunks pack their bags and board the Thousand Sunny, although Atlas is not seen with them. Edison reveals there is one more person who can help them in One Piece Chapter 1071. Though reluctant to contact him, Vegapunk decides to do so.

The mysterious person speaks politely to Vegapunk, who is confident that he will help them and take care of the CP0 so they can escape. The CP0 sees the Thousand Sunny entering the Labophase when Lucci asks Kaku to destroy the ship, but Zoro blocks his attack and a fight ensues between the two.

Luffy, Chopper and Jinbe reunite with the crew even though Bonney isn’t with them. Robin finds that the real Vegapunk is gone too, and the next scene shows him and Bonney in a chase.

Elsewhere, Kid’s crew approaches Elbalf while Vice Admiral Doll argues with Garp over which ships should go to Egghead rather than Helmeppo to beat up the pirates and save Koby.

One Piece Chapter 1071 will be released on Saturday January 7th.