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One Piece Chapter 1071 Release Date, Spoilers: Four Key Events Fans Must See In The Manga’s Return

January 2, 2023

One Piece Chapter 1071 spoilers have got fans excited with the unexpected twists that are about to happen. From the new ally the Straw Hats will have to the battles to come, here are the top four events everyone needs to see.

One Piece Chapter 1071 is titled A Hero Emerges, which could allude to the new ally that will come to the Straw Hats’ aid. By the looks of it, a new fight could be brewing, turning Luffy and Lucci’s recent brawl into a minor battle.

Kuma’s arrival

In the list of SportsKeeda It says that Kuma will arrive in Red Port, causing panic among the townsfolk. The former warlord of the sea is en route to Mary Geoise, and it will be interesting to watch his return to the world government capital, where he was once enslaved.

The Straw Hats’ unexpected ally

The Vegapunks board the Thousand Sunny to escape Egghead Island with the Straw Hats. But before they officially set off, the Vegapunk satellite remembers one person who can help them escape.

However, he is reluctant to call him in One Piece Chapter 1071 because the world government would target them. But in this desperate time, he will do it anyway, and fans will get to know him in the next chapter.

The boy’s arrival in Elbaf

In the next chapter, fans will see an unexpected appearance from Kid. Kid is having a strange dream in which he sees giant fish when his crewmate, Killer, wakes him up.

Killer tells his captain that they are near an island and he needs his orders if they will land there. From the looks of it, Kid wants to see this island and is excited about it.

The fight between Garp and Blackbeard

Fans are about to see Vice Admiral Doll, the base commander of Naval Headquarters G-14, speaking to former Naval Vice Admiral Grap. Doll will summon Garp to report to Egghead Island, where Kizura will request all available warships to carry out his plan.

Garp refuses, saying he just arrived at G-14’s port. However, he will later tell a crying Helmeppo that they will fight the pirates and rescue Koby, whom Blackbeard kidnapped.

Meanwhile, after the brief hiatus, One Piece Chapter 1071 will finally be released on Saturday, January 7th. The change in release date has something to do with the annual holiday of Shonen Jump magazine and other major publications as the new year begins.