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One Piece Chapter 1070 release date, spoilers: Luffy tries to consume all of Lucci

December 22, 2022

Luffy gains the upper hand in his fight against Lucci in One Piece Chapter 1070. But of the many interesting moves the Straw Hat Pirates make, one of the most notable is his attempts to eat and swallow Lucci.

Luffy appears to be attempting to devour Lucci whole in One Piece Chapter 1070 after inflating his head to a gigantic size. Will he succeed?

There will be a lot of revelations in the upcoming new chapter. Sentomaru is still alive despite Lucci’s attack.

The scene then switches to S-Snake, S-Shark, and S-Hawk using their Devil Fruit powers and weapons to fight CP0. They’ve brought down several agents, but Kaku and Stussy refuse to join the fight.

S-Snake briefly interacts with the Straw Hats as Luffy and Lucci’s fight continues in One Piece Chapter 1070. The latter still finds it difficult to meet Luffy.

In the lab, Vegapunk reveals that Seraphim is the pinnacle of science he creates and is the strongest human species in the sea. He goes on to say that Devil Fruits have no potential for awakening and explains that Zoan Fruits are the only ones that can be reliably replicated due to their simplicity.

Mythical Zoans take more time and money, while Paremecia Fruits require lineage factors that generate green blood to bestow powers on the Seraphim. Vegapunk continues: Logia fruits are difficult.

Back to the fight between Lucci and Luffy: the former remembers Enie’s lobby as he slowly loses consciousness. Luffy’s comrades tell him to hurry up and go to the rescue rocket to save Atlas after Lucci is blown away in One Piece Chapter 1070.

Luffy goes to the lab where Vegapunks tells the Straw Hats he will join them. Bonny then wakes up and attacks Vegapunk.

Lucci regains consciousness and is now bandaged. He now controls all four Seraphim while the chapter ends with the confirmation that Kizaru is coming to Egghead Island.

Meanwhile, in One Piece Chapter 1069, Lucci defeated Atlas. Jinbe realized the CP0 were there to kill Vegapunk while Luffy faced Lucci.

Lucci explained that Egghead was under the World Government, so Chopper told Luffy that they had to go. Kaku was upset to meet the Straw Hats and Bonney again, but warned Lucci that since he was an Emperor, they could not fight Luffy without permission.

Luffy gave Bonney to Jinbe, went to Atlas and asked Chopper to take care of her. From there, the battle between Lucci and Luffy began, which will continue when One Piece Chapter 1070 comes out on Sunday, December 25th.