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One Piece Chapter 1070 release date, spoilers: Kizaru arrives while Luffy and Lucci are fighting

December 12, 2022

The fight between Luffy and Lucci begins and continues in One Piece Chapter 1070. But the continuation of the shocking twist at the end of the previous episode makes the next chapter very expectant.

Luffy will continue to mess with Lucci. Of course, the battle between the two continues in One Piece Chapter 1070, but the CP0 is much stronger thanks to their efforts to regain control of the Seraphim.

Kizaru, the fearsome Navy Admiral, is already on his way to Egghead Island, and it looks like there’s something else planned, which fans are about to find out. However, fans can expect his arrival to spark a major conflict between the Straw Hats and the Marines.

Additionally, Kuma might also show up on the island to help the Straw Hats escape with Vegapunk. Thanks to the excellent job Eiichiro Oda did in telling the world from Vegapunk’s point of view, fans can expect an even more intense twist in events.

So will Vegapunk finally reveal where and what the One Piece is in One Piece Chapter 1070? Sorry folks, that may never happen.

Meanwhile, in One Piece Chapter 1069, Lucci and Luffy have seen each other and Kaku has told the former that the latter is already a Yonko. So there shouldn’t be a fight. Lucci ignored this while Luffy was furious upon seeing Alta’s badly damaged body.

Akainu was then informed of the situation on the island and warned that the fight between Luffy and Lucci could spark a new war. He also learned that Kizaru was on his way to Egghead.

Chopper and Jimbei walked away from Luffy and Lucci. Luffy was already in his Gear Five form while Lucci was in his awakened Devil Fruit form. Vegapunk arrived excited to see Luffy’s form and dubbed him the white warrior.

Vegapunk searched the old database for Gumo-Gumo no Mi and said that Luffy’s form looked like a god and revealed things about the Devil Fruits. Elsewhere, the Sentomaru ordered Kuma to attack the CP0 as they were under his authority, suggesting that the Seraphim had a level of authority.

Sentomaru and Luffy bumped into each other, allowing Lucci to sneak up on the former and hurt him. It only meant that he now possessed the authority of the Seraphim.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a little longer for One Piece Chapter 1070 as it won’t be out for another week. It will instead be released on Christmas Day, Sunday December 25th.