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One Piece Chapter 1070 Release Date, Spoilers: Devil Fruits’ Troubles, Classifications Revealed + Luffy, Lucci’s Battle Continues

December 20, 2022

The first spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1070 are now out, revealing the reason for Vegapunk’s difficulty in replicating the Devil Fruits. Also revealed is the continuation of the fight between Luffy and Lucci and the moves they are about to unleash.

A lot will happen in One Piece Chapter 1070. But in addition to action-packed scenes, there will also be some revelations that will surprise many.

The new chapter begins with the fight between Luffy and Lucci. The latter has a hard time hurting Luffy, while the Straw Hat effortlessly hits him with Gomu Gomu no Down (Doon) Rocket.

Luffy will use cartoon physics, and knowing that Gear 5 has unlimited possibilities, he never has to run out of ideas and imagination.

Elsewhere, in One Piece Chapter 1070, it explains how Vegapunk replicates devil fruit, but there are varying degrees of difficulty in dealing with all three classifications.

The first is Zoan, which is based on animals like Mysticals. It is difficult and requires special circumstances. Next up is the Paramecia Devil Fruit, which is easier as it only has one specific requirement: the user’s ancestry factor.

Finally, there is Logias, the rarest devil fruit. In comparison, Zoan and Paramica are easier to replicate, which is probably why Vegapunk avoids discussing them at all.

Also, in One Piece Chapter 1070, Kizaru is on his way to meet Egghead, and Vegapunk is suspected to have a history with the mysterious Admiral. From there, the next episode will end by clarifying what happened to Sentomaru after Lucci’s fatal attack.

Luckily he is not dead, although he is unconscious. He is brought to healing while Lucci is now in control of the Seraphim. It looks like the tide is turning and the Straw Hats are going to have to go on the defensive.

Meanwhile, One Piece Chapter 1069, entitled All Things Are Brought Into This World With Hope, began with the struggle of the two rival factions. Luffy’s group and CP0 clashed, which quickly turned into a brawl.

Naval HQ found out about the conflict and decided to end it until they sent reinforcements. From there, Lucci stripped and transformed into his best fighting form, so upon seeing the enemy’s transformation, Luffy immediately activated Gear 5.

Vegapunk and Sanji watched the two fighters from the sidelines while the former talked about devil fruits and the power they possessed. Chapter 1069 ended with the fight between Lucci and Luffy, which will continue in One Piece Chapter 1070 when it releases on Sunday, December 25th.