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One Piece Chapter 1069 release date, spoilers: The reveal of Lucci’s new form

December 6, 2022

One Piece Chapter 1069 is out now, hinting at another edition focused on Lucci and Luffy. With another intense fight ahead, it looks like fans are about to see a new form of Lucci.

The hints come from the renowned One Piece leakers Redor and Un-amed. It looks like fans are in for more action-packed scenes with the fight between Lucci and Luffy in One Piece Chapter 1069.

The first clue comes from Redon, who shared a GIF of a boy pointing and nodding with a smile. He’s used this image before, which usually means something exciting, unforeseen is about to happen.

Some think it could mean that Lucci has a new form, although Luffy remains the same. This transformation will help illustrate the training and other efforts he has made since his last fight against Luffy.

Another clue proves this theory with another GIF of a newly awakened sleeping cat, suggesting that Lucci’s awakened form will show up in One Piece chapter 1069 since his Zoan Devil is a big cat.

Alternatively, Un-amed teases that if fans want spoilers they should watch Tom and Jerry and detail the next chapter with a cat scared of a monkey. This seems to confirm that there will be a fight between Lucci and Luffy.

The leaker also seems to confirm that Lucci’s awakened form will be featured, and she looks like a big cat mixed with Chopper Monster Point and Who’s Who Zoan.

In One Piece Chapter 1068, Shakka informed the CP0 members that they needed to leave Egghead Island and advise the Seraphim Kuma to the laboratory. However, CP0 stressed that they had to meet Vegapunk since they are from a far away land and would like to see him without knowing that they plan to kill him.

Using Kuma’s powers, Lucci ordered the other members to abandon ship, prepare it, and land on Egghead Island. In the previous chapter, Shakka had given the Sentomaru control of the cyborg sea monsters, suggesting that the Sentomaru is on the side of Vegapunk.

Elsewhere, Vegapunk told Luffy, Jimbei, and Chopper about his dream of powering the whole world for free, but that led him to the ancient power that wanted to kill the world government. So he asked Luffy to help him escape from the island.

Luffy agreed, so Vegapunk prepared his bag. Alternatively, CP0 was already wreaking havoc in the lab, urging Atlas to attack its members.

But with just one kick from Lucci, Atlas was badly injured. Luffy and Lucci then saw each other and called each other their names.

You can see what’s next when One Piece Episode 1069 comes out on Sunday October 11th.