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One Piece Chapter 1068 release date, spoilers: attack by CP-0 and possible arrival of a new character

November 23, 2022

Eiichiro Oda is on hiatus this week, which means there will be no One Piece Chapter 1068 coming Sunday. That doesn’t stop the spoiler mill from guessing what’s going to happen next, though, from the CP-0’s attack to the arrival of someone ahead of Luffy’s group.

In the previous chapter, the CP-0 arrived, which didn’t look good for Vegapunk. That could put the science genius in danger, so he’s probably asking for Luffy’s help in One Piece Chapter 1068.

CP-0 could launch an attack on Egghead. When things get crazier than usual, Vegapunk decides to leave the island and asks Luffy for help.

Is it CP-0’s threat that makes Vegapunk leave the island? However, it remains to be seen whether Luffy will help the Doctor escape, or wait and see and face CP-0 instead.

Elsewhere, fans may get an update on Kuma in One Piece Chapter 1068. Nobody knows what happened to Bonney’s father. So, can Dragon stop Kuma from rolling around and causing trouble?

Meanwhile, the new chapter is also getting an editor’s note hinting at what might happen next. Posted on Twitter, via SportsKeeda, by reputable source @ONEPIECESPOILE1, she teases that someone will show up before Luffy’s group.

So who could that be? There are theories that it could be the newly arrived Rob Lucci and CP-0 or another character yet to be introduced.

However, some firmly believe that it is Lucci and a fight between the assassin and Luffy may ensue. That’s also why Oda took a break this week.

He probably needs time to draw a fight scene between these two in One Piece Chapter 1068. Another big contender is Kuma.

Sure, he was seen running away from the kingdom of Kamabakka in the previous chapter, but it hasn’t been revealed if that happened in the past or the current timeline. So it could be that Kuma had already left the Revolutionary Army HQ before the other events in Chapter 1067 took place.

While not typically Oda’s style, he can alter readers’ expectations by shaping the series’ narrative in unorthodox ways. However, if that character is new to the series, it may be a new Navy Vice Admiral or someone of similar rank.

It may even be a new member of the SWORD. If this is the case, it could prove that Vegap[unk der Anführer der SWORD-Gruppe ist.

One Piece-Kapitel 1068 wird am kommenden Sonntag, den 4. Dezember, erscheinen.