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One Piece Chapter 1065 Release Date, Spoilers: Introducing the Final Three Vegapunks and a Shocking Reveal

November 3, 2022

The full One Piece Chapter 1065 spoilers have emerged, introducing the final three Vegapunks, Edison, Pythagoras, and York, who fans will soon be meeting. The leak also reveals something new about the ancient kingdom and a shocking revelation the Straw Hat Pirates have learned.

Warning! The following content contains major One Piece Chapter 1065 spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The new chapter begins with Zoro and Brook on the Thousand Sunny contemplating who will save the others if they are caught. Caribou shows up, and Zoro thanks him for helping Luffy and later asks him to get off the ship and Egghead Island in general.

Elsewhere, the Straw Hats explore the various inventions in the laboratory. Franky learns that fire powers the island. Shaka explains the ability of the unquenchable flame and how it can create a sun.

Lilith then walks away and calls Franky. Shaka then introduces Vegapunk Edison and tells her to go through the wall.

Nami is talking about finding future treasure to loot when she sees someone who looks like Jinbe in One Piece Chapter 1065. However, Robin notices that the man looks younger and different, while Sanji sees wings on his back.

He appears to have an ability that leads the Straw Hats to believe he is a Devil Fruit user, so a fight ensues. Later, Edison reveals that the man is Jinbe’s Seraphim model.

Then Vegapunk Pythagoras shows up, followed by Vegapunk York, who eats for other Vegapunks so they can keep up their energy and brain power.

After a few twists and turns, Shaka arrives to stop the Seraphim from fighting the Straw Hats in One Piece chapter 1065. Shaka asks if they are indeed pirates, which Sanji confirms.

As the group discusses the future and advanced technology, Shaka reveals that progress on Egghead Island is much closer to the past than the future, shocking Franky. Vegapunk’s satellite adds that the Old Kingdom’s technology is comparable to Egghead’s.

In One Piece Chapter 1064, Marshall and his crew of devil fruit users attacked the Blackbeard pirates. Law and his people defeated Marshall.

Bonney wanted to know more about her father so she sought out Vegapunk to ask him why he used Kuma for his experiment. The World Government, on the other hand, wanted to kill Vegapunk.

After a week of waiting, One Piece Chapter 1065 finally arrives on Sunday, November 6th.