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‘One Piece’ Chapter 1064 Release Date, Spoilers: The Clues Tease Kuma, Bonney Flashback; Law, Tech Battle and more

October 18, 2022

Several references to the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1064 have surfaced, involving Kuma, Schmuck Bonney, Law, and Tech. These hints appear to be true as the official spoilers have not yet been released.

One Piece Chapter 1064 could mostly focus on Bonney in the Eggland Island Arc. However, this is still subject to change as nothing has been confirmed yet.

The first clue comes from Twitter user @ONEPIECESPOILE1, who claims there will be a flashback of her and Kuma to when they were young. This could help enhance Bonney’s character and let readers learn more about Kuma and his time in the Revolutionary Army.

It might also reveal something about Monkey D. Dragon, the Revolutionary Army and their history. Another clue suggests the fight between Law and Tech will continue, and fans may get to see it in its entirety.

Contrary to theories that their fight won’t be seen on screen, it could be seen in full in One Piece Chapter 1064. However, fans should take this claim with a pinch of salt.

Finally, OP Spoilers also shared a GIF of an animated sheep from Wallace and Gromit giving a thumbs up with the words This chapter will be good. indicates. While no one knows what that means, it could portend a quality next chapter.

Meanwhile, in One Piece Chapter 1063, Luffy’s group was incredibly full after eating a sumptuous meal. Atlas then took his leave along with the other androids.

Luffy, Chopper, Jinbey, and Boney saw a high-tech clothing machine and changed clothes. Later, Kuma came and attacked her because he accused her of stealing food and clothes.

Luffy was about to hit Kuma when Bonney stopped him and revealed that he was her father. Elsewhere, the Heart Pirates were attacked at a certain location in the New World under the sea.

They then transformed into their opposite gender in their ship. From there, Law revealed that any Devil Fruit could be nullified with greater Haki while focusing on his own power and reverting to his original gender.

The Heart Pirates’ ship emerged from the sea and was greeted by the Blackbeard Pirates, who were showing off their Devil Fruit powers. Blackbeard appeared and asked Law how many poneglyphs he owned, to which Law claimed that the winner would take all.

So will there be a big fight between the two, or will Law face someone else? Find out when One Piece Chapter 1064 releases on Sunday, October 23rd.