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One Piece Chapter 1063 release date, spoilers: Series of teasers hint at someone’s disappearance, Teach is coming and more

October 12, 2022

Small references to One Piece Chapter 1063 have now surfaced. While these teasers promise a big chapter, they don’t confirm what will happen next in the series.

From the possible disappearance of a main character to the possible appearance of Teach to a glimpse of Vegapunk’s technology, anything can happen. Read on to see what fans might see in One Piece Chapter 1063.

A well-known news source on the series, @ONEPIECESPOILE1, started the series of hints by posting a GIF of another leaker. It features Dragon Ball Z Goku using instant transmission to teleport to an unknown location.

That could mean someone teleporting away or being sent away. Since Bartholomew Kuma’s Seraphim model has been confirmed to be making its way to Egghead Island, it could have access to the Paw-Paw Fruit, which can send someone to a location only the user knows for three days.

Another leaker hints that One Piece Chapter 1063 will be epic and better than the previous chapter. Also, @ONEPIECESPOILE1 reveals that Teach, who could be Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard, will be making an appearance.

Fans last saw Blackbeard after his failed attack on Amazon Lily, during which he attempted to steal Boa Hancock’s Devil Fruit powers. Elsewhere, Redon seems to hint that Vegapunk will introduce a new technology similar to Pegasus Seiya’s Pegasus Meteor Fist technique from the Saint Seiya manga series.

In this technique, Seiya unleashes hundreds of blasts of light energy at once, resulting in a shower of small meteors. However, it’s also possible for another character to perform this technique, so who could it be?

In One Piece Chapter 1062, the Straw Hat crew chatted with Vegapunk Lilith. The mad scientist told them that she is not the original scientist they thought she was.

She was just one of the satellites created by the original scientist to protect and preserve Egghead Island. Lilith tried to rob the pirates, but another Vegapunk named Shaka stopped her.

Shaka advised Lilith to be more careful when Zoro and Robin were around. Bonney told Luffy’s team elsewhere on the island that Vegapunk had turned her father into the android Kuma.

Later, the group emerged from the sewers, fascinated by everything they had witnessed. Then they met another Vegapunk, Atlas, who was extremely violent.

Thereupon, after a conversation, the CP0 members decided to embark on the mission to kill the Vegapunk. But could they make it? Find out when One Piece Chapter 1063 releases on Sunday October 16th.