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One Piece Chapter 1062 Release Date, Spoilers: The Mystery of Dr. Vegapunk’s arrival

September 28, 2022

One Piece Chapter 1062 will continue the journey of the Straw Hat Pirates on the island of Egghead. With the surprising appearance of Dr. Vegapunk fans will also learn more about the Marines’ foremost scientist.

It is believed that Vegapunk’s arrival will help explore and unveil some of the mysteries of the world. With that said, fans can expect a lot to happen in One Piece Chapter 1062.

Creator Eiichiro Oda has surprised fans with big reveals with every chapter. This time it comes in the form of the arrival of Vegapunk.

However, it looks like he doesn’t like pirates. So how will the Straw Hats deal with him?

Vegapunk’s laboratory is located on Egghead, a location described as 500 years in the future. How will Luffy and the rest of his party explore this location in One Piece Chapter 1062?

It looks like the series will soon reveal what this island has to offer, although it may be a while before that happens. However, the crew got separated upon arrival, and Luffy, Jinbe, Chopper, and Bonney must find their way back to reunite their group before something bad happens.

Therefore, the new chapter will likely focus on these two storylines: Luffy, Jinbe, Chopper and Bonney trying to find the other crew members and the mysteries surrounding Vegapunk’s arrival.

Aside from looking different than fans expected, he too has helped the Straw Hats for a reason. A giant shark robot attacked the pirates, but they were unexpectedly saved by an enemy, Vegapunk.

So what his help means could be explored in One Piece chapter 1062. The new chapter could also shed some light on why Bonney is looking for the Doctor.

The Big Eater revealed in the previous chapter that she’s going to Egghead for some business, which could mean she needs something from Vegapunk. So what is this deal?

In addition, the new chapter could also shed light on the story behind the SWORD agents who want to save Koby from Blackbeard. Fans saw how worried Helmeppo and Hibari were in the final chapter, and it seemed like they were constantly finding a way to help their friend.

Elsewhere, more information may be revealed as to why Aokiji decided to join Marshall’s crew, as some believe he is an undercover agent of SWORD. Fans will learn these things and more when One Piece Chapter 1062 releases on Sunday October 9th.