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One Piece Chapter 1052 release date, spoilers: The arrival of Admiral Green Bull from the Marines

June 7, 2022

One Piece Chapter 1052 spoilers have dropped and it reveals the coming of the Marines’ admiral, Green Bull. After learning of Kaido’s defeat, the Marines sent one of their admirals to Wano land and fans will see Green Bull in action.

This will be the first time readers will see Green Bull as part of a larger storyline. So will he be an ally or an enemy in One Piece Chapter 1052?

Anime Senpai noted that the new chapter will be titled New Morning and the cover will feature the Germas and Caesar. Etenboby’s spoilers from the WG forums began with the reveal of Zunesha’s exit due to the closed borders.

Hawkins tells Drake he means business when he says only one person has a one percent chance of survival. He predicts Kaido’s defeat with his cards, but commits no further treachery because of his pride.

There is a seven day time jump revealing progress in Wano. Apoo and Inbi have already reconciled with the Alliance, while Ashiro and Izo have died in his exchange with Maha, the big CP0 guy.

Then there will be some comedy and fanservice scenes in One Piece Chapter 1052. Yamato will be with the straw hat boys and Green Bull is now on his way to Wano.

SportsKeeda added that Green Bull claims he hasn’t eaten in the past three years. Maybe he survived because of his devil fruit. There is no way he can do this without her.

He successfully attained the position of Admiral, proving that he is the strongest Marine in the organization. First off, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki commanded the forced removal of Fujitora from Mary Geoise during the Levely Arc.

However, Green Bull defied this order and instead had a friendly chat with Fujitora. They talked about the new Vegapunk project and the Warlord system.

This made him the second admiral to disobey Sakazuki – the first being Fujitora himself. He was drafted into the Marines almost two years ago after the time warp.

He and Fujitora filled the remaining vacant admiral posts. Sakazuki, on the other hand, was promoted to Fleet Admiral when Kuzan left the organization.

Fans also saw Green Bull in a silhouette form at the Levely. After his conversation with Fujitora, they fought Sabo and the Revolutionary Commanders.

Although the outcome is yet to be seen, the admirals appear to be doing well. So fans will have to wait and see what Green Bull will do in One Piece Chapter 1052, out Sunday June 12th, and whether he will be Luffy’s new friend or foe.